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Welcome and Thank You for finding our group. Our goal: Inspire, Uplift and Educate

Holistic Registry is a network of practitioners specializing in holistic health, energy medicine, and metaphysical modalities. Think of Holistic Registry as a Knowledge Emporium, here to help and guide you in your soul’s journey. Whether that be direct distinct guidance or cultivating seeds of what’s to be, Holistic Registry practitioners can help.

My name is Tina, founder of Holistic Registry. I seek to consciously create mind expanding experiences and a network of valuable resources necessary to achieve what is within waiting to be expressed.

It is no coincidence you landed on our page. When we seek, the universe leads us to where we need to be.

For more information regarding our practitioners and our events please visit our website @ http://www.holisticregistry.com

If you are a Holistic Health or Metaphysical practitioner and would like to be a part of our network, please contact Tina at 909-215-5591

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Astrological Forecast for 2023

Redlands Recovery Fellowship


Cash pay at the door $20
Prepay $15

Astrological Forecast for 2023:

“Changing currents in a seemingly endless River…”

As fast-paced, deeply challenging 2022 comes to an end, we look forward to a new year of possibilities, new energies and forward movement in personal growth.

2023 promises an of easing up for some as the past few years’ roughness recedes a tiny bit. Pluto’s first foray into Aquarius for a brief 3 months will offer a new perspective and forward movement, while Jupiter and Saturn enter new signs as well.

These welcome energies will define 2023 as one of change from the intense energies we have been experiencing since 2020, and pave the way for even greater shifts in 2024 & 2025.

Join Ishtara this evening as we break all of this down, as well as exploring the four eclipses for next year, and Mercury’s retrogrades.

Understanding your Subconscious Mind- The Jungian Way

Redlands Recovery Fellowship


Cash pay at the door $20
Prepay $15

Understanding your subconscious mind- The Jungian Way

Join us for a fun evening of becoming better acquainted with your subconscious mind! Dr. Karissa Miller, a Biological and Health Psychologist, will be leading us through a well-known subconscious personality exercise developed by renowned analytic psychologist Carl Jung.
The evening will begin with a brief introduction to the subconscious mind after which Karissa will lead us through the 4-item personality exercise before revealing the deeper meaning behind the answers to each question.
Participants will be encouraged to share and ask questions to both help better understand what is revealed in their results and elaborate on any insights gained.

Despite our modern fixation and identification with the conscious, “thinking” mind, decades of research have provided evidence to support the substantial and measurable impact that subconscious, feelings-based perceptions and beliefs can exert on our behaviors, relationship dynamics, decision making, and lived experiences.
Remarkably, the marked effects of the subconscious mind in our everyday lives occur primarily outside of our conscious awareness.
True healing necessitates an awareness of the subconscious associations that underlie much of our deeper struggles. This event will allow participants to begin an exploration of their subconscious in the hopes of beginning to facilitate such an awareness

New Year Spirit & Healing Fair

Center For Spiritual Living Menifee Valley

New Year - New Start - Loving Heart
Spirit and Healing Fair


  • Treat yourself to a Psychic-Intuitive Reading
  • Talk with loved ones on the “other side.
  • Be kind to your body--deep, transformational healing
  • Have an incredible reading from channeled, wax-medium art on paper - A message and art beautiful enough to frame.
  • Have your Tarot and Oracle Cards read by REAL, proven intuitives.
  • Palm reading, Toy readings, Crystal Ball, Rune stones, and more
  • Discover your Past and, maybe, Future Lives
  • Receive guidance from your guides and angels.
  • Attend Lectures and Workshops from experts.
  • Pet Readings- Bring your pet or a picture.

And so much more... This is just a sampling of the awesome people and services at the Menifee Faire Spirit and Healing Fair!
SHOP with our AWESOME Vendors for amazing items and gifts that enrich your body, mind, and spirit.
or a fun and enlightening day, come for a reading, tasty food, a healing, relaxing with friends and like-minded people, and to shop for unique and exotic goods.

Free Admission!

Here are just SOME of the gifted people who will be there to give you guidance from the spirits, guides, angels, and divine mind:
Teresa - Tarot and "spreading' the love" - No nonsense, just "good" sense.
David - Tarot at a totally different level - "Tree of life, anyone?" "Powerful."
Dendra - Oracle Cards and Tarot - "One deck is Never enough."
Karen - Psychometry - "Everything you touch imprints your soul energy onto it." and Mediumship - "Your loved ones are ready to contact you."
Anita - Seasoned reader of many tools - Tarot, Runes, Toys, Palms, Crystal Ball, Channeling, Spirits, Angels, and Guided, Past Lives, Karma -- "A woman of many gifts - of course, she's an Aquarian."
Concha - Bi-lingual, Medium! Plus she offers an extra service of amazing spirit art (ordered directly from Concha and separate from the fair reading).
Victoria - Veteran Reader and Spirit Medium - "Been everywhere. Seen and heard just about everything." So good, some people book double readings.
Xiomara - Paints in melted Wax to bring you brilliant, deep, and meaningful messages from angels, guides, and divine mind. "Mind-blowing in wisdom and beauty."
For a fun and enlightening day, come for a reading, tasty food, a healing, relaxing with friends and like-minded people, and to shop for unique and exotic goods.
LECTURES - 1 hour $20 - Tickets purchased at the door:
NOTE: Titles, topics, and readers/healers may change.
Fees for services are minimal and may vary.

Organized for the Center for Spiritual Living, Menifee by Anita Burns of Metastudies Institute and Tina Foran of the Holistic Registry - Anita: (TEXT ONLY)[masked] - Tina:[masked].
2022 was a 6 year. Striving for balance and healing. For many, a tough year of "growing pains." 2023 is a 7 year. The number 7 is about Spirituality. It has unique "vibes." It represents the union of the 4 of stability with the 3 of creativity. Time to secure your life, foster lasting ties and friendships, Build your life based on compassion, love, fairness, truth, creativity, and the strength that comes with the union of 7 and 3.
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