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Join us for our monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics.

In our ever changing world we have access to so much information it’s difficult to keep up. You might not be aware of all the different modalities and schools of thought that you might benefit from. I invite you to join us. Your sure to find something that resonates with you and from there magic begins.

Holistic Registry is a network of Holistic Health & Metaphysical practitioners sharing their knowledge with the community. We provide ongoing events in multiple locations. Please check out our website http://www.HolisticRegistry.com . There you’ll find events, locations and a directory of Holistic Health and Metaphysical practitioners.

If you are a Holistic Health or Metaphysical practitioner and would like to be a part of our network, please call Tina @ 909-215-5591

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Upcoming events (5+)

Unity Spirit and Healing Faire- Yucaipa

Unity Church

YOUR ANSWERS AND GUIDANCE AWAIT! Receive messages from loved ones on the other side. Be kind to your body with a healing session. Understand your life, and how to make your wishes come true. Receive answers and clear guidance. And so much more! Shop for unique, hand-crafted and natural health and healing products. Some of our Amazing Readers & Healers: ISHTARA - ELLEN -BRANDIE -KIM - ANITA - DAVID - MICHELLE - ROBIN - KAREN D - ALLEN - SHERRY - STEVE - NATHAN - TINA - VIRGINIA - JEANETTE - DR. MARIE - NICOLE ...and maybe some surprises! Visit with friends, meet new AMAZING folk, have a bite to eat, relax, get a healing, have a reading, Shop, Enjoy. Organized by: Holistic Registry - Tina Foran - [masked] MetaStudies Institute - Anita Burns - [masked]

Kriya - The ancient art of Breath and Body/Mind to Awaken the Soul

Kriya—from the ancient sages of India to release, revitalize, clearing, awaken, empower your soul....5,000-years old, Kriya brings you into a high spiritual space for letting go of ego-mind challenges and understand your TRUTH. “The peace of the Divine is with them whose mind and soul are in harmony, who are free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul.” -The Bhagavad Gita Kriya is the yoga of breath, and body/mind, deep meditation, brought to the world by spiritual master Babaji 5,000 years ago, who reportedly still lives in the Himalayan Mountains. Introduced to the West from India by Parmahansa Yogananda in the 1920s, Kriya is taught in their Kriyaban initiations, but it is also offered by others in the west who feel it should be freely given to seekers instead of being the exclusive property of one organization. Anita received her initiation and instruction in Kriya from the Self-Realization Fellowship, Master Govindan of Canada, and Astara Foundation’s Earlyne Chaney, a personal student of Yogananda. Anita has been offering instruction in various forms of Kriya for more than 20 years. If you are ready to make true progress on your awakening and integrating your spiritual and secular lives to harmonious living, come and experience Kriya. Wear comfortable clothing. There will be no strenuous exercise or yoga postures, so you don’t have to be in top physical shape. We will break in the middle of the day to go to lunch, or you can bring your own and stay in the meeting room during the break. $70 -- Prepaid - $90 at the door 32939 Greenwood Ave Wildomar, CA 92595 -[masked] - [masked] Meetup.com. Organized by Cloud9 Events - Anita Burns and Tina Foran To Register online:https://metastudies.com/content/?page_id=2350&model_number=kriya2319

Charm Casting

Redlands Holistic Health Center


Charm Casting is a divination system evolved from the ancient art of Bone Casting where you toss symbolic charms onto an image-rich casting cloth in order to interpret messages and decipher answers to life’s deepest questions. This presentation will provide you with everything you need to conduct your own charm casting reading and the ability to cast charm for others: 🗝 Your own Charm Casting Starter Kit 🗝 Complete Charm Casting instructions Interpreting Charms Casting cloths How to cast charms 🗝 Creating a Charm Lexicon 🗝 Charm Collecting 🗝 Charm Casting and… Tarot Spirit Boards Pendulums Charm Casting is super simple and amazingly accurate. With some practice, you’ll surprise yourself and impress your friends as you easily master charm casting. Join Michele Andres of mystic-mentor.com and learn all about this fun divination tool for psychic guidance and intuitive insights.

How To Read Tarot like a Professional!

Private Residence in Menifee


TWO SUNDAYS - FEB 10 & 17 FROM 10am-4pm, with 90 minute lunch. $120 prepaid - $140 at the Door Facilitated by: Anita Burns NOTE: CLASS SPACE IS IN A GATED COMMUNITY. IF YOU NOT PREPAYING, WE MUST HAVE YOUR NAME TO GIVE TO THE GUARD AT THE GATE. Sign up online at: https://metastudies.com/content/?page_id=2350&model_number=htrt21019 - or call us at[masked] Tarot is NOT a psychic tool. Although psychics can read tarot intuitively, they miss out on the rich beauty and treasure-trove of insight Tarot has to give. Even if you’ve never picked up a deck before, by the end of this two-day workshop you will be reading like a pro—for yourself and for others. Tarot is an ancient code—life’s Cosmic Book— that you can read—whether or not you believe you are psychic! Discover how to unlock Tarot mysteries and use this powerful tool for yourself and others to overcome challenges, answer questions, make decisions, and glimpse of the future. Tarot uses symbols that you combine with your innate intuitive senses (Yes! You have them) to give profound and accurate readings every time. Anita has been reading Tarot since she was 5 years old and teaching others how to “tune in” to the cards for over 20 years. You CAN read Tarot! You will leave this fun and informative workshop with the skills you need to read the “Cosmic Book” easily and accurately. In 2nd session on Feb 17, go deeper, discover more about the cards—tips, tricks, and practice under Anita’s guidance to deepen and refine your skills in actual readings for yourself and others. We will discuss the “business” end of doing professional readings, and talk more about how to get yourself out of the way to do readings for yourself. "The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the human mind, ... they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all." A.E. Waite EXAMPLE NOTE: Meetup does not allow me to have more than one image in the post, so, look up the FOOL online or look at an actual Fool card in a deck. THE FOOL - THE BEGINNING, INNOCENCE, KARMA CROSSROADS. The wallet at the end of the staff is his cosmic memories. It contains his karma. the symbol on the wallet represents the clarity we used prior to this life. The White Rose in his hand is purified desires. They are for the highest good. It also reminds the life is sometimes thorny, so keeping our desires in line with the highest good will bring us guidance by the light. There is more to the FOOL. Come and discover the amazing Story that Tarot has for you. May the STAR CARD Guide your life... Anita has been reading Tarot since she was a small child. It has guided her in all life's ups and downs. It is a valuable tool for life that is easily learned and used.

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