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Pay it forward Surf Sessions "Rat Beach" All Levels every Saturday at 8 am
• What is Pay it Forward Surf Sesh It's when an experienced surfer teams up with a beginner and share there wisdom and joy of the ocean. This is not a surf lesson but more like a surf buddy and maybe one day a good friend on land. Pay it forward will be held every Satuday at 8 am, its a great opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the ocean. Paying it Forward will be rewarded by the Surf Gawd's of Karma with Awesome waves on there next surf sesh!!! Note: No beginner instruction or gear will be provided, so please use the weekend meet up at a "Beacon" to meet new surfers and make a friend by seeing who signup every Saturday. • About Rat Beach The most beginner and novice level break in the South Bay without any tricky currents, with a nice flat gradual bottom and a safe feeling like your are in a big swimming pool. RAT has a pretty mellow break and isn't that crowded Saterday mornings. We will meet at the gate at the far end of the parking lot past the Gazebo, for the trail down to the beach (Beach Access on the photo) and will be paddling out between the where the trail ends and the RAT lifeguard tower. (ignore the yellow arrows pointing into the water on the photo). We will promptly walk down at the start time. (Please be early). • Parking is free • What to bring Possitive friendly vibe and open to meet other • Weather Cancels: such as rain, wind, or surf size or lack or there of. • Rental If you need to rent, Dive n Surf is down the street in Redondo Beach or you can "rent" a foamie from Costco. • Become a leader I'm also looking for some new organizers, so if you wish to give back to the surf community by hosting your own meet-up or being a leader on Saturdays Pay it forward meet-ups please reach out to me and I'll get you set up. •WAIVER PLEASE READ: (If following is not acceptable, please do not sign up): Any outdoors water activity can be challenging, fun, or a painful experience, often depending whom you are with, even deadly and more painful depending on you, your abilities, circumstances, lack of judgment and sometimes just bad luck. Accidents happen. Any outdoor activity involve risk of injury or even death. Please do not sign up; if you are not comfortable with what you are doing, unwilling to take that risk, or if you think you don’t have the needed skills for the event. You are not participating to an event organized by trained outdoors people or medical professionals. No one are trained or paid to watch after your safety. You will be agreeing to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and not to hold organizer/group leader, participants, cooks, carpoolers or anyone liable but yourself by signing and/or showing up for this event. Please remember that if you are not capable to this event or you don’t know your limits and still sign up, you may not only put yourself in danger but also all the other participants who are going with you. You further agree to pay for any medical or legal cost involved in case of an injury to yourself, and request your heirs to respect your agreed waiver in case of an injury or even death due to any reason, by signing up for this event. Please also note that I may exclude or include anyone at my own discretion.

Roessler Point Gazebo

389 Paseo Del Mar · Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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It All Starts With the Desire To Conquer Our Fear Of The Ocean.
When We Finally Succeed; Our Love Thrives and Adventure Begins.

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We are a group of surfers beginner to advanced who surf together all through the South Bay and beyond.Our goal is to find friends to surf with to be more comfortable and safe in the water. Weather you are brand new or a skilled surfer you will find someone to surf with in this group.Here is how you could become part of this awesome surf community.

South Bay Surf Club (SBSC) was founded in May 2013 as a community of people who share a love of surfing. From its humble beginnings of just a few local folks looking for someone to paddle out with, it has grown into a flourishing group of over 1,000 surfers who share the stoke. SBSC thrives on its community-based style of leadership, including 10 main group organizers who lead the way in planning events for all to join in. With over 50 events throughout the year, including international trips to locations such as Baja, Hawaii and Panama, it's no secret that our group loves surfing. Any given day of the week, our group members can be found in the waters of various beaches in South Bay, San Onofre, and even up to County line (just to name a few). Beyond the planned events, you're almost always guaranteed to find a buddy to surf with if the urge strikes most any time of the day by hitting up our community message board. Here you can also find tips on locations to paddle out, surf conditions, gear needed or wanted, or even an invitation for delicious post-surf meal!

And the sense of community doesn't stop there. SBSC is constantly growing and expanding its population with each new event. It's known for its broad base of new surfers. Many of our members had never surfed before coming to one of our events. In fact, they may not even have a board. But rest assured, any newbie is warmly welcomed and made to feel right at home with their new group of surfing friends. Our more experience surfers are happy to lend a helping hand, give tips on how to catch a wave, and cheer you on as you ride your first wave. We love sharing the stoke, building friendships, and getting that natural high from surfing that can be found nowhere but the water.

South Bay Surf Club is one of the most diverse groups of surfers in the area. We are comprised of seasoned surfers decades strong, those who surfed long ago and are trying to get back into it, green surfers, and complete beginners. Our members ride both short and long board, and of course foamies! We come from all walks of life, different countries of origin, and even generations spanning the decades. But one thing holds us all together: We LOVE to surf. A day spent in the water with South Bay Surf Group will be filled with fun, laughter, and memories! Oh, and shakas!

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The SouthBay Surf Club schedule all meetup through Whatsapp

How to join the South Bay Surf Group Instant Message Board on Whatsapp. Its simple, free, and it only takes 2 steps.

1st) download the Whatsapp app on your smart phone its looks like this and its free.

2nd) Name the Subject "Join SBSC Whatsapp" Email me your name and cell phone number at

With in 24 to 48 hours I'll add you to the group and be a part of all the South Bay Surf Club adventures and make new friends.

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