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🇪🇸 Spanish for intermediate learners
This Meetup is for you if you know enough Spanish to have a basic conversation, but would like to consolidate your knowledge and/or (re)learn tenses and vocabulary, or you don't yet feel very confident in speaking. Come and practise whatever Spanish you already know in a supportive environment and start to learn a little more. It's not a formal lesson, but every time we meet we look at different topics, or maybe a little bit of grammar (very easy!), or some new words. The aim is to give you a little more confidence, so that you can join a conversation Meetup, get by on holiday, etc. £7 contribution please (includes useful handouts to take away). We alternate grammar points with building vocabulary and useful phrases, and build in plenty of practice in speaking and a little reading, plus listening. We have covered the present, perfect and past tenses and some of the imperative. Please bring headphones with a mini jack (ie for tablet or mobile phone). If you are looking for a complete beginners' Spanish Meetup, why not try our Spanish Encuentro Meetup in Caterham. Please sign up early (by 1pm Wednesday *NEW TIME*) and then check back here at 9am on the morning of the Meetup in case of cancellation. PLEASE NOTE: the numbers for this Meetup are now capped at 10 people plus the organiser. If more than 10 people want to come there will be a waiting list which the website organises on a first come, first served basis. Sometimes the website doesn't count the organiser as attending, but on the day there will only be space for 10 participants.

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What we're about

Do you enjoy speaking different languages? Why not join our meetup group and come and practise your - French, Spanish, German, Italian, English as a foreign language (EFL/ESOL) and occasionally other language (e.g. Dutch, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese) - conversation skills in a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere at various venues in Reigate, Redhill, Merstham, Caterham and surrounding areas! Please give your first name when you join our group.

As well as providing opportunities to practise your foreign language conversation skills these meetups are also very enjoyable social events.

Please note that some of the venues we use also have gardens and/or tables outside. Please remember to check the outside areas too when you come to a meetup, in case the group is sitting outside.

If you join our meetup group but would like to opt out of receiving emails about our events (or to reduce emails to a minimum) just click on your name to bring up your own profile (you can find your name in the list of members), then click on "Email settings" and then you can tick (or untick) the box "New Meetup scheduled" and any other boxes you like, to indicate when (if at all) you want to receive emails from our Meetup group. Even if you opt to receive no emails from our Meetup group you can always look at our Meetup page now and then and check our "Upcoming Meetups" section to see new events, to click to indicate that you are coming to an event, to check for any potential changes to existing events or to cancel your booking if you need to. Meetup announcements are listed chronologically - to see the full list of meetups, please click on "Meetups" or "See all".

If you book to go to an event and then find that you can't go, that's not a problem but please do remember to click to change your RSVP from yes to no, so that the organiser of that meetup will know who's coming. "No shows" (i.e. booking to go to a meetup but not turning up and not changing the RSVP) can be very inconvenient for meetup organisers and persistent 'no shows' may result in being removed from membership of our Meetup group. Also, long-term inactive members who never come to any meetups may be removed from membership of our Meetup group. We do expect members to come to our meetups, at least occasionally.

If you'd like to explore some interesting posts and links to websites in Spanish, Italian, French, German or Portuguese including links to news and cultural sites, a free online language learning app with free online courses in many different languages ( a free online German course for beginners from "Deutsche Welle" (, a free online multilingual dictionary ( and links re town twinning with France and Germany (, why not visit us on Facebook at: "Reigate, Redhill & Caterham Language Café".

Looking forward to meeting you at a language meetup soon!

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