What we're about

The problem with the busyness of life is that it can be just as busy inside our heads, as in our calendars. Often more so. Often tainted with self doubt and criticism.

This affects our ability to think clearly and/or feel confident in our skin and of our place in the world, amid others and the frequent buffeting of daily life.

This group and when we meet are to be somewhere to stop, step off the world for a while, and step into You. Perhaps reconnect with the who You were 'before life took over'... Remember her?

I'll be inviting discussion on topics such as what brings us joy, what causes us frustration, the matter of relaxing, really relaxing... and how that can influence our minds and bodies; likewise those friends called stress and anxiety, and how we manage them.

Who am I?
I'm Helen, I live in Stortford, I’m 49 and having had my own struggles with body-image issues, finding my voice, losing confidence, and wondering who I was supposed to be at times in my life, I’m passionate about women feeling (at the very least) ok with themselves: just. as. they. are.

Being completely ok with oneself is too uncommon in our 'not good enough' society. For us, and our younger generations. The way humans are designed means that that critical voice is always there, but we can tame it to barely a whisper with knowledge and some techniques, to avoid the crushing self-doubt and pain we can all experience at times, and to lead 'lighter' lives.

One day there will be talks, workshops, maybe spa days and other trips if that’s what you want...

But for now, let's just Meetup and talk/discuss/learn. Bring an open mind, a friend, your mother, your daughter, your sister, or (no 'just' about it) You.

I really look forward to meeting you.

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