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Do you sometimes feel a lack of motivation, self-confidence or happiness? Or perhaps you want to overcome feelings of loneliness, depression or anxiety. Are you not achieving your goals as fast as you like? Or would you like to raise your energy level, boost your confidence and create a more meaningful life?

Whatever your mind set, in this group you will learn natural laws of life and tools to help you remove the barriers that are inhibiting your ability to live a fuller, happier life.

In this group we will explore:

What holds a person back and depresses his natural enthusiasm for life.
Just what is mental health.
How to get rid of the effects of bad experiences.
How to overcome the barriers to achieving your goals and success.
How to improve your ability to communicate.

You are warmly welcomed to attend our free online meetings!

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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Self-Growth: How to Optimize You & Your Mind's Performance

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Are you not living up to your optimum self? Feeling stuck? Scarred by the past? Have you had glimmers of your best self yet too often doubt yourself? Self-development requires practical solutions that work. If your computer needs repair, you don't expect empty words to fix it. You want technical solutions that optimize its performance. Well, how about you and your mind - what about technical solutions to optimize you and your mind's performance?

This is what we will discuss - what holds you back in life, the true potentials of your mind, and technical solutions to effectively achieve self-growth. We will cover scientific discoveries into:

- The hidden "malware" in the mind and how to get rid of it.

- What slows down your mind's performance and goal achievement and how to speed this up.

- How to clear out unnecessary "cache memory" and "corrupted files":
stuck attention on past losses,
painful emotional experiences,
broken relationships,
out-of-control emotions,
hair-trigger anger,
self-esteem malfunctions,
close association with toxic people.

- "Startup" issues - how to improve your ability to start new things, without being held down by negative thoughts or bad experiences.

- What underlies excess stress, sudden "shutdowns" and how to fix this.

- Ways to back up your inner strengths and innate power supply.

- How to reboot your life!

Come to our free online meetup and learn about personal growth that can lead to a happier, more successful you.

Sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement center.

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How to Unlock Your Confidence, Happiness and Potential

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