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This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, rock climbing, camping, photography, kayaking, bouldering, SUP, pretty much anything you can do outside. All skill levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts.

I will try and label each activity as either beginner, intermediate or advanced. In order to stay safe it is important to KNOW YOUR LIMITS, be humble and always be willing to learn no matter your skill level.

If you have an advanced skill level in any particular outdoor activity and are interested in teaching skills or leading the group in an adventure please let me know. The whole idea of this group is to share the experience and the knowledge that goes along with being outside and in nature.

If you have suggestions or meetups that you would like to see happen, please feel free to suggest them.

As always when we are in nature we try and take care of her. It is standard procedure to pack in and pack out wherever we go. That means that we leave any environment in the same condition or better than where we found it. If we are in a position to leave a location in better condition than when we found it, let's take the opportunity to do so.

DROP THE ATTITUDE. It is an awesome thing as human beings to put aside our differences, skill level and pride in order to share an outdoor experience. It is my experience that when people have fun outdoors together there is a mutual respect that gets earned regardless of differences. So lets make everyone feel welcome and have fun together.

If you are attending a meetup that requires gear, you will have to provide your own.

Lastly, families are always welcome. Some meetups will be age restrictive, however,we will try and keep age restrictive activities to a minimum.

Thank you and I look forward to hangin out with you guys!

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Meeks Creek Backcountry 3-Day / 2-Night Loop Route


So much for the 3-day weekend. Due to the forecasted storm moving into the area on Thursday through Saturday and the resulting increased instability of the snowpack ie; increased avy risk, the trip has been moved out a few days to begin on Monday the 18th. Colder temps are expected so prepare accordingly. This moderate route begins at Meeks Creek and heads to Genevieve Lake for the first night, continuing to a second lake the following day with a return through either General or McKinney Creeks. Route is apprx. 12-15 miles depending on return route and 1,500' of gain. Travel is via snowshoes or ski’s, whatever one is comfortable with. If you have some winter backcountry travel experience but have not tried winter camping this is a good route to do. A recommended minimum gear list is available for review and extra gear and clothing is available. If needed, snowshoe / ski rentals are obtainable in Reno. As always safety is paramount so this trip is subject to a reasonable weather forecast and safe snow-pack conditions. Please reach out with any questions.

Intro to Winter Camping

Beer NV

Camping in winter........ Sounds like torture but in reality it is a very unique and rewarding experience that surpasses camping in the other three seasons. Whether a novice or experienced winter camper this trip offers something for everyone. Come to learn and/or share knowledge regarding appropriate winter gear, winter backcountry travel, and techniques for comfortable winter camping. Depending on the weather, snowpack conditions and participants fitness the options range from a short hike to an Alpine Lake, ie; south of Echo Summit, the backside of Elephants Back near Carson Pass or possibly Meeks Creek. Longer options available (up to 5 miles one way) include Angora Lakes, Meiss or Round Lake near Meiss Meadows or the summit of Little Round Top. The longer excursions involve a bit more elevation gain but are fairly easy and offer outstanding views. None of these routes traverse below or across avalanche terrain. A destination will be selected and announced by the 21st along with a meeting location. Please feel free to express your interest in a particular area. As winter camping is a bit more challenging, having the proper gear and clothing is important. A basic gear / clothing list is available for review and anyone who is short an item or two can let me know as we have extra items for use. Snowshoes are the primary mode of travel but ski's or split-boards are fine. Rentals are available in Reno from BoBo's. This trip was offered last season and was well received so hence the repeat. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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