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What we’re about

This group is for people in the San Francisco Bay Area who often wonder: "What the hell is everyone doing?! MILLIONS of us are fortunate enough to pursue pretty much whatever we want in life, and most people in our position choose to do a bunch of bullshit, whether they realize they've made that choice or not. There should be 100,000 Elon Musks revolutionizing industries left and right! The human race could and should be doing SO MUCH MORE than it currently is -- achieving a Basic Income for all, curing all diseases, extending the human lifespan, augmenting (rather than replacing) humans with technology, expanding human rights, generating wealth and ensuring it is distributed fairly -- and I am personally dedicated to making at least one of these kinds of things happen, but... where is everyone else who feels the same way???"

I have thought this for years, and it's about time that someone created a Meetup group JUST for us!

I, the creator of this group, will screen people as to ensure that all members (1) have a specific world-changing project they are already working on (or are *aggressively* seeking such a project to create or join), (2) seem really sharp, (3) seem highly ethical, (4) aren't crazy, and (5) aren't dicks.

The world needs more smart, ethical people who are *actually* serious about changing the world for the better, and whose words *and actions* prove just how serious they are.

If the above describes you and you are interested in attending private events consisting of brilliant people (1) brainstorming solutions to problems raised by those in the group, (2) learning self-improvement techniques from each other, or (3) helping each other's projects succeed for the sake of all of humanity, please apply to join now -- I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting you!

(Who *isn't* this Meetup for, you ask? If you think Elon Musk is probably overrated because you've seen 5 articles about him, or you think any problem can be solved by sprinkling some blockchain on it, *or* you've got a brilliant idea for "totally next-gen" photo filters that will somehow use AI to help people waste their lives, this meetup is not what you're looking for.)