What we're about

A Meetup about the Scala language and its ecosystem in the Rhein-Main region.

Topics of meetups may include:

• Learning and mastering the Scala Programming Language

• Working with frameworks like Play, Akka, Finch, Spark, Kafka, Lagome and many others

• Functional Programming Basics

• Advanced Functional Programming

• Cool Libraries: cats, Scalaz, fs2, circe, ...

• Study Groups on Books or Courses

• Experience Reports and Lessons Learned from developers, startups, enterprises

• Your topic here, let me know!

We are always interested in things you want to hear or even talk about. Join us and shoot us a message here or on Twitter: @RheinMainScala

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Going Serverless with Scala

codecentric AG

In this meetup Andreas will demonstrate how to use Scala in a serverless AWS environment to write a Slack bot app that posts delay information from trains. This will be a loose talk about the project, its development and deployment - and will cover the following topics: - Open data APIs from Deutsche Bahn - Using Scala with AWS SDK, Lambda, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and serverless framework - Implementing a simple GraphQL interface using Sangria - Caching using Scaffine - Load testing with Gatling - Unit and integration testing - Build pipeline with GitLab CI Attendees of all levels are welcome! We can dive deeper in the topics and discuss the implemented technologies and tools either during the talk or afterwards. The talk will be in englisch ;) As usual, we will start at 18:30 with warm Pizza that gets constantly colder and start the talk when we are done with Pizza or it is 19:00, whatever happens first.

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