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If you are interested in consciousness, in shifting into deeper states of awareness, and love the sound of diverse cultures, this is the meetup for you. Pure tone, expectation and your intent creates a force which travels deep to your core and awakens your expanded self. Use sound to transmute unwanted belief patterns, neutralize the effects of RF's (radio frequency waves), and as a portal to access deep levels of transformation.


Instruments have been used by ancient cultures of consciousness to alter brain wave patterns and attain states of alpha, delta and theta, known to invoke conditions of high intuition, personal healing, and travel to realms such as the Dreamtime. These instruments have been used for these specific purposes for thousands of years and include Didjeridu, Shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Tibetan Bowls and Bells, Frame Drum, Shakers and Rattles, Vocal Toning and Gong.


More recent tools but no less potent include Crystal (Singing) Bowls, and Tuning Forks.


Facilitator Mark Torgeson will often introduce his own field recordings of nature (ocean waves, birdsong, campfire) to instill a deep sense of harmony within the human energy system; as well as his own music performed on keyboards and Native American flute which carry the intent of raising the vibration frequency of listeners.


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Angel Harp Concert and Christmas Sale - FREE! - Fredericksburg VA

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Here's your chance to play and bathe in the celestial sonorities of the Angel Harp - and to make one your own!
Have you ever heard or experienced an Angel Harp? Their delicate strings and celestial harmonies inspire your every cell to awaken and entrain to Music of the Spheres, frequencies long forgotten but newly rediscovered that are found in all of creation. These are frequencies of the Elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether, the building blocks of creation.

The Platonic Solids, geometries embraced and taught about in the Mystery School of Pythagoras, are unique in all the universe because of their defining angles, faces and edges. Together they make up the forms of the Elements. But the mathematics defining them also map exactly and perfectly to frequencies in sound and music, creating scales and chords which are cosmic in nature, and align to larger stellar cosmology.

Sacred Geometry is the science which studies how these larger patterns are also found in the smaller intrinsic patterns of the body and human energy system.

Angel Harps are repurposed and converted vintage autoharps and zithers, chosen for their beauty and high-vibrational presence. The 36 strings are tuned to the specific harmonies spelled out by Sacred Geometry, creating rich and lush sonorities which lull you into exalted states of consciousness and invoke heavenly hosts!

Come and experience these transformative frequencies. There is nothing like them! Or listen as Mark creates a vibrational elixer using these specially tuned harps, and answers any question you can concoct regarding his favorite subject: Harps for Angels!

If you can't make this event, there will be one more before Christmas: December 17, 3 - 5 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Angel Harps...

Learn more: www.HarpsForAngels.com

NOTE: There are Angel Harps around, but none like these. Mark specially selects these instruments for their beauty and quality, then converts (autoharps and zithers) and restores them, then tunes them to the healing frequencies of Sacred Geometry and other Healing Frequencies. His favorite are the vintage and antique harps, whose wood has aged and been played with love, imbuing them with a unique sweetness and vibrancy. If you haven't heard an Angel Harp before, and LOVE music, you owe it to yourself to come listen and play one of these instruments. Hope to see you!

Journey with the Seven Chakras - at the Innerwork Center

The Innerwork Center

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Welcome to an experiential journey through the 7 Chakras!
Shekina & Mark will blend yoga, movement, voice, and transformational sound to open and expand the chakras within. No previous experience or knowledge of the chakras is necessary! This unique experience includes gentle yoga with sacred sound; a potent vibrational voice activation with crystal bowls for the chakras; and sound healing with ancient instruments which move us deeper into connection with the chakras and elements. Instruments are tuned to frequencies derived from Sacred Geometry mapping to the Elements, aligning the body to the larger cosmology of balance and harmony.

Chakra Vowel sounds harken from ancient India, but they are cosmic in nature. Each vowel is mapped to an energy center, so that intoning them in sequence opens each chakra and aligns it with universal principles of balance and harmony.

Mark will also be be premiering his new Crystal Tuning, especially created for the Angel Harp, which infuses participants with deep feelings of peace and a sense of Home.

Join us Sunday for a unique blend of yogic movement and a deep infusion of sacred sound - it's an experience not to miss!

Mark Torgeson is a musician and instructor of sound healing. He has been playing with sound since forever and delights in the transformative nuances of diving deep into the silences between notes...

Shekina Shakti is a transformational women's coach specializing in somatic trauma healing; and a yoga teacher. She is a seasoned workshop facilitator and is masterful at reading group dynamics and creating healing and enlightening experiences.

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Mark's site
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The Innerwork Center

Return of the Star Tribes

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FREE MUSIC for you, designed for creating a sense of safety and security, and a feeling of Home in children - and the Inner Child in adults, too! Especially good for autistic young ones.

Created using Crystal Tuning calibrated to Sacred Geometry frequencies, specifically D=72Hz.

Instruments: Angel Harps, Didgeridoo, Keyboards

Return of the Star Tribes - LISTEN

Return of the Star Tribes - DOWNLOAD

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