• Healing Sound Training & Teacher's Certification

    Spotsylvania County


    Do you love sound and the way it transports you and others to expansive realms? Have you felt a quickening when using sound, or have you found it easier to flow deeper into yourself when pure tone is used?
    Do you desire to learn the principles of sound and healing so that you can use these effectively in your own practice or with others? This training will help you with all of these...

    The training begins in rural Fredericksburg VA, at a cabin close to the historic battlefields in a quiet country setting. This introduction will be experiential and informational, bathing you in a pure sound healing experience; and informative, giving you the concepts to understand the foundational aspects of Sound Healing.

    During this training, learn about vibrational healing; the nature of sound; states of consciousness and how to shift vibrational patterns in the human energy system; morphic resonance and tuning into energetic fields created by ancestors and healers of the past; kingdoms of Nature which aid in changing our vibration (devas, angels, plants and animals, crystals); and sacred geometry. Also learn the connection with Sacred Geometry and the fundamentals of Music Theory. These are the principles you will need to do a sound healing session by yourself, with an individual, or with a group.

    In the training Mark will demonstrate the hands-on sound healing session, discuss how to play, and how NOT to play the traditional instruments of sound healing. Afterwards we will break up in pairs to practice these techniques.

    We will delve into the more esoteric aspects of healing including overtones and harmonics; boundaries and the healing presence; allowing and entrainment; working with groups and in nature.

    Note: this training is a Three Part program leading to Certification.
    Anyone may take this FOUNDATIONS (Part I) course, but for Certification Parts Two and Three are also required.

    This class is also designed for previous graduates desiring to earn the Teacher's Certification.

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    Healing Sound Training & Teacher Certification


  • Sacred Geometry and Sound Training

    A Place to Gather


    There's been a lot of hype about Sacred Geometry lately, it's a buzz and people are curious and wondering... But beyond the normal attention-getters like Flower of Life or the Fibonnacci Spiral, what's it all about?

    There are two main ways of looking at it:

    1. There is nothing sacred about any of it; it is as normal as green grass and blue skies;
    2. It is profoundly sacred, and we are all, as a Oneness, part of this Divine Blueprint.
    This course embraces both of these perspectives.

    Pre-Registration necessary to attend this event and receive directions:

    First of all, we will define Sacred Geometry and it's relationship to simple mathematics and to the greater Cosmos. Then we will explore how every part of the Universe as we know it conforms to these patterns found EVERYWHERE.

    We will go into depth understanding the Building Blocks of Creation, the Platonic Solids, each of which is a template mapping specifically to one of the elements, and all of which together create a set not found in any other geometry - physical or conceptual:

    Tetrahedron - Fire
    Hexahedron - Earth
    Octahedron - Air
    Dodecahedron - Ether
    Icosahedron - Water

    And then, the fun part: how the elements map to frequencies (notes) which make up know chords and scales - the building blocks of music - and how using these frequencies can bring the body/mind complex back into balance and alignment.

    We will discuss the number 432, which Joseph Campbell called the most important number in the world, and why our current music standard of tuning must shift to the A=432 Hz standard.

    We will also talk about Fibonnaci sequence, the Golden Mean, as well as similarities between those numeric patterns and the Natural Harmonic (Overtone) Series - which is used to create musical scales.

    You will be able to hear these frequencies, sequences and scales to see how they are familiar to everyday music: but with a new understanding of how our modern music system has been hijacked and how music is not having the healing effect it should have on us!

    Finally, you will be given the chance to perform and receive tablework on others using Angel Harps - converted autoharps tuned to Sacred Geometry frequencies - and experience the healing and transformational effect of Sacred Geometry through Sound.

    During the workshop Mark will be demonstrating these sounds and frequencies on Angel Harps, tuned didgeridoos, and keyboard, and playing music designed for healing and transformation.

    At the end of the workshop you will have a fundamental understanding of Sacred Geometry and how it can be used through sound for healing and transformation of yourself and others.

    What You Will Learn
    What Is Sacred Geometry?
    Definition of As Above, So Below
    Orders of Magnitude
    Cosmic Equivalents

    The Mathematics of Sound
    The Geometry of Nature
    The Mathematics of Sound Frequencies
    Harmonics and Overtones

    Platonic Solids: Cosmic Building Blocks of the Universe
    Templates of the Elements
    Blueprints for Manifestation
    Geometry of Platonic Solids

    Frequencies and Healing
    Frequencies of Healing
    Standards of Tuning: 432 Hz vs 440 Hz
    532 Hz: The New Earth Matrix

    Who is this workshop / playshop for?
    ~ Anyone interested in furthering their understanding of the most prevalent principles of the universe.

    ~ Graduates of prior Sound Healing programs that did not cover Sacred Geometry and its relationship to music

    ~ Musicians interested in playing in tune with cosmic principles, new tunings, and the A=432 Hz standard

    ~ Anyone who loves beautiful sound

    ~ Everyone who loves to learn new and fascinating stuff!

    This workshop will be repeated Saturday February 25.

    *If you can't attend in person either of these dates, consider Mark's online training: www.SacredGeometryMusic.org

    About the Facilitator:
    Mark Torgeson has been playing with sound since forever. He has taught Sound Healing Certification Trainings for 15 years; has a degree in music; has been performing on piano, guitar and flute for over 40 years; and has produced 32 albums of transformational music available on all platforms and every continent. But his favorite pastime is taking a flute to his favorite stream and playing to the birds.

    Pre-Registration necessary to attend this event and receive directions: