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Take your meditation off the cushion and into the beautiful outdoors; come for a mindful hike in a secluded part of the city. and let yourself be inspired and grounded in nature. Each Roaming Zen event consists of mindful hiking, with an emphasis on quiet presence, with some time for meditation at an auspicious location, and chances for discussion.

As featured in the SF Chronicle (http://www.sfchronicle.com/culture/article/It-only-took-the-coronavirus-pandemic-for-15208229.php)! And the Bold Italic (https://thebolditalic.com/a-roaming-monks-guide-to-walking-san-francisco-c48ee1e59d68)!

These roams are offered by donation; they are one way I try to be able to afford to continue living in San Francisco as a zen priest!

I know it might be frustrating to want to sign up for a roam and find it already full. My experience is that a lot of people change their rsvps before the day itself, so there is a good chance you can make it if you are on the waitlist. I also maintain a separate mailing list of 150+, several of whom usually show up each time. I find that groups larger than a dozen are much more stressful to manage, so keeping it small helps me, and the group, I think. 🙏🏼

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Roaming Florida Alley and Mount Sutro

Needs a location

A lot of work has been done in recent years to improve the trails behind the Laguna Honda hospital. We will be exploring these at the beginning and end of this roam, which will also take in a climb of Mount Sutro, and Twin Peaks.

There will be a lot of climbing on this roam, including some steep staircases, and many off-road trails. We will be hiking at a moderate pace, and taking breaks to meditate in some of the peaceful places en route.

Please bring layers, snacks and water for your comfort. Do your best to be punctual. These roams are offered by donation.

A Bicycle Roam Along The Bay Shore

Needs a location

Bicycle roams are a rare beast. I did a few in the early years of Roaming Zen. Apart from a trip to Angel Island, they were mostly to take advantage of road closures during Sunday Streets - and now some of those spaces are permanently closed to cars, and others can be accessed each weekend, not just once a year.
There was a regular roam around the Dogpatch a few months ago, and this one will retrace some of the same places, but I wanted to extend south to Heron's Head, and the new India Basin shoreline park, so bikes seem to be the way to go.
We will be exploring old and new parts of the shoreline, from the Chase Center, to Crane Cove, to parts of Pier 70.
This will be a flat ride, at a very moderate pace, with a lot car-free roads and paths, and other bike-friendly spaces. There will be a little stretch of gravel en route.
Please bring water, snacks, and basic tools if you have them. We won't need locks during the roam.

Roaming The Quarry and The Canyon.

Needs a location

This is one of the most popular routes, a loop from Glen Park to Billy Goat Hill, Diamond Heights and Glen Canyon (or possibly the other way around, as we have done it both ways). This is a route with plenty of climbing and dirt trails, and also wonderful views, rocks, trees, a creek, and a fairy grotto.

Bring layers as always, water, snacks, and do your best to be on time. We will walk mostly in silence, stop to meditate a few times.

Black Point and Russian Hill

Needs a location

This is a route we have done a few times, and more recently included the garden space open at Black Point! We will also check in on the progress of Francisco Park, which has been scheduled to open for a while, and now has a late April opening date.

This is a shorter route than some, but we more than make up for distance with the elevation involved - up and down Russian Hill, with a plenty of climbing to go with the quiet alleys (more and less famous), and parks with views.

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Roaming On Marshall's Beach

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