A Social Distancing Roam Along The Edge Of America

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Please note: these current postings are designed to be undertaken on your own, whenever is convenient for you. We are not allowed to roam freely en masse these days, but we are allowed to get exercise. The dates are there purely to keep the Meetup forms happy.

I have also created a Google Doc with the details and some photos if that is easier for you to use:

Here's another route we have done a few times. It's great for fresh air, mostly flat, with a lot of sand and some gravel. It shouldn't take the whole three hours unless you really take your time, and sit longer.

Start in front of Java Beach Cafe, right where the N Judah terminates.
There are some small benches in the strip between La Playa and Great Highway to stop and take in the ocean air.
There is also a bathroom here.

Cross Great Highway at the light and walk onto the beach.
Turn right, towards the Cliff House, and walk along.
Dip your toes in the water if you dare, and look for sand dollars at the waterline.
As you approach the Cliff House, and the beach starts to narrow, look for the stairs to take you back to the roadway.
If the tide is exceptionally low, you may be able to walk around on the sand, but this is very rare, and don't take the chance on the tides.
Walk uphill on the sidewalk towards the Cliff House.
You can walk between the Cliff House and the ocean, by the camera obscura, and then rejoin the sidewalk.
When you reach the National Parks Service Land's End Lookout, turn left.
There are bathrooms here, normally.
Walk along the pedestrian path past the Lookout, with the parked cars on your right, until you see the steps down to the Sutro Baths.
Take the steps down, and find a place you feel comfortable sitting at.

Climb back up the steps and return to the sidewalk by the Lookout building.
Walk downhill a few yards to cross Point Lobos Avenue at the crosswalk - beware of fast-moving cars here.
Take the path through the parking lot, then look for the stairs up on the right.
At the upper level, look to the raised area to the right, and find the steps that take you up to the top.
Enjoy the view of the beach and Great Highway stretching out below you.

Take the steps to the next level down, walk along the edge of the flat area, with the beach and highway to your right.
Continue walking a few yards until you see a small trail down through the trees.
(If you reach 48th Ave and the houses, you have gone too far.)
Take the sandy trail down through the trees and then across the open dunes.
Take care on the uneven surfaces and steps.
You should reach the bottom right where a pedestrian crossing crosses Balboa.
Cross here, and continue down La Playa, which will take you straight back to your starting point.
Go past the stores, the bus terminus and the Safeway.
Cross Fulton at the lights, and continue on the dirt path.
This crosses under JFK drive.
Since the tulips are blooming at the Queen Wilhemina garden by the windmill, just to the left of where you are, you might want to get up onto JFK to see those and sit there.

Return to La Playa, and continue south.
This takes you behind the beach chalet (which has public bathrooms), and alongside the football fields (that's the kind of football played with the feet!)
When you come out at MLK drive, you can also make a few yards' detour to see the other windmill, which will be on your left.

Cross Lincoln at the four-way stop with MLK and La Playa, at the gas station.
You can go right half a block to take the multi-use trail alongside Great Highway, or continue two blocks along La Playa to return to your starting point.