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June Gilliam, Speaker: From Chinese Communist Member to Conservative U.S.Patriot

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June Gilliam, Speaker: From Chinese Communist Member to Conservative U.S.Patriot


June Gilliam, Guest Speaker

Journey From Indoctrination To Awareness: From a Collectivist Mindset all the way to Conservatism, From Chinese Communist Patriotism to American Patriotism

Sounding an alarm for all Americans. . . The Secret Erosion of the Foundation of America.

June Gilliam is a former Communist Party member who had the strength, fortitude, sincerity and intelligence to successfully transform herself into the clear-thinking, heart-felt and brilliant American conservative patriot she is today.

She has an important message to share with all Americans.

Gilliam observes that many of the same patterns she experienced in Communist China are taking place here in our country.

The indoctrinated condition is a poisoned mindset.

False information is intentionally delivered in a calculated way to deceive audiences. This can truly alter a person’s perception of reality.

Thus, America is endangered, through the erosion of its culture, educational systems, historical records, and other aspects.

Please join us to hear the details of June Gilliam’s journey, why she shares her message, and how it can help us to communicate what is needed for the liberty movement.

June Gilliam was born in the large city of Shanghai China, and was a first wave immigrant to the United States, arriving in this country in 1998. While in China, in spite of knowing from friends and relatives about some of the suffering at the hands of the Chinese Communist government, her indoctrination from birth was so strong, it took a journey to the United States, and over a decade of personal research to reach her current awareness.

Over time, after eleven years of intensified, challenging and often heart wrenching research, she transformed her thinking into a clear, real view of the true Chinese Communist Party.

Her long and arduous journey led her to drawing back the curtains to remove layer upon layer of cultural information and programming. At its core, she finally found what she says could be summed up in two words: BRUTALITY and DECEIT.

June began to communicate what she had discovered, and was encouraged to speak publicly. She has been a “self-made speaker” for three years.

June spoke at the recent New California Conference in Fresno, CA.
June speaks across Northern California at groups and organizations and has been a radio talk show guest at KSCO, Agenda 21 Radio, We the People, and Unite America First.

It’s time for Americans to wake up.

“The future of this course is in our hands”
---- June Gilliam

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