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Tune~in & Tune~up: How to Connect and Communicate with Spirit
Tune~in & Tune~up ™ :: How to connect and communicate with Spirit Ever wonder how psychics, mediums, and channels connect with the Spirit World? Join Michele Andres of and discover… ➢ Games Spirits play to get our attention. ➢ How Spirit gets through even when we’re not listening. ➢ How to overcome blocks that keep us from clearly tuning in to Spirit’s messages. ➢ Activating “Intentional Intuition” ➢ How to tune~in & tune~up to various spiritual realms. ➢ The different levels of communication and conversation with Spirit. ➢ Steps you can take to have two-way conversations with your ○ Loved-Ones in spirit ○ Higher-self ○ Spirit Guides ○ Angelic and Higher Realms All participants will take part in an activation meditation to raise our vibrational energy to a whole new level and we will Tune~in & Tune~up, and communicate with Spirit like never before. Michele Andres is a professional mystic, spiritual counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a business and life coach. Her company,, is the gateway to Extra-Mystical-Activities, which are daily social media posts meant to stretch your mystic muscles when you play along. Michele has always had an extraordinary connection with her Spirit Team, gifting her with undeniable intuitive insights. She communicates with the Divine through claircognizance, clairvoyance, and by interpreting the signs and symbols of her tarot cards, as well as everyday oracles. Devoted to empowering others to realize and develop their own unique mystical abilities, Michele is the founder of where she teaches divination, spiritual communication, and psychic skills development. She is the author of Epiphanies Tarot - a divination deck designed to intensify your intuition, and Tarot Compass - an intentionally intuitive life planning system. If you don't get a chance to talk with Michele this evening, feel free to set a time with her at [masked] or (951)[masked]

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