• Your ET Soul-Purpose Connection

    Redlands Executive Suites


    Have you always felt you had a specific purpose for being here? You do but it might be different from what you think. Sometimes our mind doesn't completely grasp the magnitude or depth of our soul-purpose There is an ego-defined purpose and a soul defined purpose. In this "mind-blowing" workshop you will discover the awesome truth about your soul purpose and its ET connection. In a deep, guided journey, you will enter your secret and sacred soul garden—a place no one else can enter. There, the truth will be revealed to you about your unique soul purpose. You will be awakened to the creation of the human race and the incredible story of how our DNA was designed and put into place, making you a true Star Person. This isn't a secret to everyone. Some ancient indigenous cultures have this knowledge but the rest of the world has chosen to ignore it and dismiss it as myth and ignorance. Kathryn will reveal the wisdom in these beliefs and show you how your purpose is linked with the ancient knowledge, ETS, and the higher wisdom of the universe. She will bring forth the voice of STR141 to reveal vital information about your connection to the universe. If you want to know the truth of your cosmic connection and your true soul purpose, this could be the most important workshop you will ever attend. Kathryn Leeman, Ph.D. has been in the metaphysical community for over 40 years, practicing as a psychic and life coach to hundreds of people. She uses her psychic abilities, education in Transpersonal Psychology, and many years of training with shamans, medicine people, renowned teachers and healers worldwide​ to assist others in their life journey. To Register online: https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=ETYSP To Register by phone:[masked]

  • Samhain (Saw-Wain) Celebration and White Magick 101

    Center For Spiritual Living Menifee Valley


    Tonight we celebrate SAMHAIN (SAW WAIN) In the ages before it was known as Halloween—the Christian Holy day of All Saints Eve—there was Samhain (Saw-Wain), the sacred day to honor and receive messages from those who have gone before us and to. For a few days before and after Samhain night, the veil between our world and the realm of spirit is at its most transparent. To the ancients, Samhain was a time to honor the spirit world, and call upon the ancestors who came before us. Samhain is a time to express gratitude for our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on. Celebrate their lives, their strength, their spirit, to forgive, send love, listen to their messages, and receive their blessings. It is time for gratitude of the harvest of blessings we have received during the summer and to honor the coming winter. We will lift the veil in a time-honored, empowered magickal ritual with candles, smoke billets, and celebrate with music, meditation, apples—the symbol of the Goddess, and pumpkin—the symbol of the season. As the veil between worlds wavers, we call upon the spirits to give us messages from the other side. --BLESSED BE-- DISCOVER THE BEAUTY AND POWER of WHITE MAGICK White Magick and Wicca are NOT Satanism or the black arts. Before the Christianity spread in the Middle Ages, there was the Nature-based way: God is in all things, and the right way to live is to DO NO HARM. White Magick ritual directs divine forces in your life to achieve a goal. White Magick calls on ancient wisdom to work its wonders. The rituals, have power that can work seeming miracles "for the highest good" in our lives. There are more than 400,000 Wiccans, and more than a million Neo-Pagans in the US. THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR Learn about how you can use The WHEEL, a Calendar that marks the Solstices, Equinoxes, and the midpoints in between. Each of these is celebrated with ritual Sabbat to harness and direct the unique, divine energy that flows to us at during those times. IMPORTANT: Bring a photo or photos, and/or something that belonged to of those you wish to honor. October 26, 7pm-10pm (depending on attendance) $40 PREPAID - Space is limited. Reserve -[masked] or: https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=SMLVCA Deadline to prepay, October 24, 2019 Menifee/Sun City, CA ________________________ Your Hosts: Anita Metastudies Instititute (http://www.metastudies.com/) See my new book: In the Light....Candle Magick. Available on Amazon.com Tina Foran https://holisticregistry.com/ ______________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have had to change our policy on some of our events' payment. Many of our events are costly to prepare and labor-intensive to set up. Plus we often have a venue fee that we must pay before a certain deadline. We are grateful for everyone who RSVPs then lets us know if they cannot attend after all by either messaging us or simply removing their RSVP. Unfortunately, too many do not do that, and we end up spending a lot of money and working hard to set up for the number of attendees, based on the RSVP count, only to have less than half simply not show up. So, for many of our events now, we are asking for you to simply call us[masked] to prepay with credit or debit card. Thank you for understanding.

  • What is your 2020 Vision?

    Center For Spiritual Living Menifee Valley


    Astrology for 2020 opens up in December 2019 As many of the Earth’s systems reach critical mass, great potential for creative change is being activated. What is your Divine Guidance for the creative solutions to emerge to meet the needs of our times? The 2020 energies will be in full swing before 2020 even begins. In truth, we are feeling these energies to some extent now. December will bring in much catalytic energies, including the Winter Solstice[masked], which is also the 2012 Portal date, followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse on Dec 26, 2019. Then January comes in with a flurry as we will experience another eclipse on January 10th. Many of us have been clearing ourselves tirelessly for the up-and-coming years ahead, doing our personal work and getting ready for these many changes. These are powerful times! Let’s break down these Astrological aspects and plan our clear, 2020 Vision!

  • Essential Oils - 2 Ways: Feel Better Naturally & Enrich & Amplify Spiritual

    ESSENTIAL OILS 2 WAYS with Nora Pritchard- Make and take home your Special Blend. Part 1: Feel Better Naturally - 11am-12:30 pm: $25 Part 2: Enrich and Amplify Spiritual Practices - 1pm - 2:30 pm: $25 Attend BOTH for $40 - a $10 Discount ESSENTIAL OILS PART 1 – Feel Better Naturally October 12, 2019 - 11am-12:30pm $25, prepaid – All materials included (SEE PAYMENT LINK ABOVE) Hands on – Take Home Your Special Blend What if you could learn natural ways to feel better AND take home a topical applicator that you can use immediately? Join us to learn about and how to use essential oils. Then the fun begins with a hands-on workshop where you make your own special blend to take home with you—and receive specific instructions on its use. Essential oils—extracted from plants, medicinal use goes back centuries. Nora will show you how to use them, discuss what oils do what, and how they work. Nora will discuss how quality and purity of the oils makes a big difference in how they work. And she will go over safety issues and side effects, i.e. allergic reactions, and such. _____________________________________________________ ESSENTIAL OILS, PART 2 – Enrich and Amplify Spiritual Practices October 12, 2019 - 1pm – 2:30pm Hands on – Take Home Your Special Blend $25 Prepaid – All materials included. (SEE PAYMENT LINK ABOVE) Essentials for a healthy body and mind are amazing I themselves, but they can do so much more. Nora will show you how an ancient art using fresh plant fragrances can be made more powerful using modern essential oils. Enhance, amplify, empower, expand, clarify, and enrich your connection to divine mind, guides, angels, intuition, and more. Deepen your meditation and take it to a higher plane, balance chakras, clear your aura, and more. __________________________________________________________________________ *****EACH SESSION IS $25. PREPAY FOR BOTH AND SAVE $10-- $40 for both sessions prepaid***** ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED - TAKE HOME YOUR SPECIAL BLEND To Prepay online: https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=TIEOW BY PHONE:[masked] or[masked] (Allen Burns) _________________________________________________________________________ THE LOCATION IS AT TINA FORAN'S HOME-- A GATED COMMUNITY. GIVE YOUR NAME AT THE GATE AND THAT YOU ARE THERE TO SEE TINA FORAN. Hosted by Tina Foran and Anita Burns of Cloud 9 Events