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Chakra Testing by Appointment Only
We've all been there. We've felt apathetic, frustrated, and fatigued. We feel like we're not living up to our full potential but are at a loss as to why. The first step to improving your life is understanding what needs to be fixed. But if you don't know where the start, taking that first step is an insurmountable task. If this sounds like you, then chakra testing may be your answer. Chakra testing examines your chakras to see which of your seven major chakras may be out of balanced, depleted, or blocked. If your chakra flow is weak or stuck, this test will help you identify the issue. And once you know your problem, you can start to make the necessary changes to redirect yourself to a better life. Chakra testing is a brief process -appointments are only 15 minutes, but what you learn during this time will last much longer. Chakra testing is offered only by appointment. Please note our policy of only one chakra testing appointment per client. Call[masked] to schedule your appointment today!

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