GPU enhanced terminals, Counting Votes, and Converting C to Rust

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Hello Rustaceans!

I'm pleased to announce our first meetup of the year on Thursday January 19th meetup in the San Francisco Mozilla office. We have three speakers lined up:

* Joe Wilm: Alacritty ( - A cross-platform, GPU enhanced terminal emulator

* Michael Sproul: How to calculate a nation state's election result in your bedroom ( The algorithm for deciding Australian senate elections is quite complex, and despite pressure from the public, there is no reference implementation available. I'll talk about how I re-implemented it in Rust, handling gigabytes of ballot papers and crunching millions of rational numbers in the process.

* Jamey Sharp: Corrode ( - C to Rust translator

The doors will open at 6pm, and the talks go live at 7pm.

As always, Mozilla will be graciously providing food, drink, and a live stream of the meetup. The stream will also be archived on Air Mozilla. I'll update this page with the link to the talk once it goes live.

I hope you all can make it!


edit: live stream link (