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Galvanize Platte

1644 Platte St · Denver, CO

How to find us

Go in the building past Brider. Go down the elevator to the LL. Second room on the left right before the kitchen.

Location image of event venue


Parking: There is street parking on Platte if you can get it and in Highlands across the pedestrian bridge. Be sure to check parking signs and obey laws.

Trains: Union Station is nearby and is just a short walk across Confluence Park to the Galvanize building over the pedestrian bridges.

Food: Pizza and refreshments will be provided. Be sure to RSVP so we can order enough for everyone!

Come 30 minute early if you want help setting up a Rust development environment.

Socialize (~30 minutes)

What's going on in the Rust world? (~10 minutes)

Announcements and news about Rust. Anyone looking for Rust jobs or have Rust jobs to offer?

Presentation (~30 minutes)

Rust on WebAssembly... or WebAssembly on Rust? - Josh Warner

What's WebAssembly? How do I use this shiny thing? Can rustc produce WebAssembly? Plus, highlights of an experimental WebAssembly interpreter written in Rust.

Presentation (~30 minutes)

Building an autonomous vehicle with Rust and the Raspberry Pi - Andy Grove

Andy will be bringing the autonomous vehicle along to the talk.

Learn how Andy created an autonomous vehicle using the Raspberry Pi and Rust for the annual Sparkfun AVC competition i (event is on 9/17).

Topics covered include
• Calling C code via FFI
• Reading serial IO from GPS and magnetometer (compass) sensors
• Interfacing with SPI devices
• Controlling motors
• Processing real-time video