Rust Meetup (1.0.0) - Launch Party!

Hosted by Rust NYC

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Rust 1.0 lands on May 15th, so let's have a party!

We'll hang out somewhere cool (details coming soon!), drink some beer (if you're into that), and write some stable rust code!

Don't have anything to hack on? That's cool - I (Jim) will put together a list of awesome rust projects and help you find a way to contribute back.

Have a project you want help with? Leave a comment here, or find me at the meetup and I'll send people your way.

Never used rust before? That's awesome - there has never been a better time to learn, and we'll be happy to help!

Don't have any idea what rust is? First of all... How did you find this meetup? Rust is an awesome new programming language that is about to hit 1.0 - check it out (

Did I hear something about awesome launch t-shirts? Yes! Mozilla is sending us some t-shirts. I (Jim again) will spend the night hacking on a fair way to distribute the shirts using Rust - suggestions and help are more than welcome.

Should I come to this meetup? Yes. Yes you should.