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What we’re about

If You Are Tired of Yelling at the TV...You Have Come to the Right Place!

South Pinellas 912 is a member of the national tea party movement

Organized March 2, 2009

Join us, we are making a difference. By joining you too will feel better by getting involved, out the door and meeting other Patriot citizens in our St Petersburg, Pinellas County areas.

You are not alone in your concern for the future of our country.

It starts with Pinellas County.

We focus our efforts where we can make a Pinellas County.

In 2016 Americans have now said "Enough!" and demanded a new direction.  We must also deliver that message locally. 

We Promote the causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets in Pinellas County through activism in county affairs.  We are effective.

We are the group that organized and formed the PAC "No Tax for Tracks" in 2014 which went on to defeat the county referendum "Greenlight Pinellas" at the ballot box by 62-38%, the multi-billion dollar light rail scheme developed by Progressive to take control of Pinellas County.

Let's work together on more tough critical issues affecting our local community and find new Elected Officials that will actually solve the problems and quit wasting our money, our children's future security and our standard of living!

Join Us Now to Make a Difference!

The Press Room

South Pinellas 912 welcomes any press inquiries by credentialed members of the media.

Public Relations Contact to request interviews:  Barb Haselden

Enter "Media request" in the subject line please.

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