The MISSING Ingredient in your Retrospectives

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GoToCafe at LogMeIn. A SB Agile flag will be posted near the Cafe Door.

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The MISSING Ingredient in your Retrospectives (Hosted by SB Agile and SB Atlassian Community Meetup groups)

Do your retrospectives suffer from any of these 4 common afflictions?

• Lack of engagement: My team is quiet, bored, or introverted
• Retros feel stale: They’re short, repetitive, and it feels like we’re just going through the motions
• Organizational impediments: Issues surfaced aren't under our control as a team
• Lack of action: We come up with useful next steps, but rarely take them after the retro

You’re not alone. Most teams have struggled with these painful ailments.

What if there was a magic ingredient you could add to your retrospectives to instantly cure these ailments?

Through a decade of trial-and-error, Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach Adam Weisbart has found the missing ingredient that, when added to any retrospective, makes a team forget they're in a meeting. It's powerful enough to make retrospectives work for even the most disengaged team.

This ingredient is so powerful it caused Diana Larsen — the co-author of the book Agile Retrospectives, who’s widely regarded as the preeminent retrospective expert — to call Adam’s retrospectives “So well crafted and very clever”.

In fact, this ingredient is so special it has been used by Quentin Tarantino, JK Rowling, and Eminem to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

….and right after this Meetup you can use this ingredient in your retrospectives too (without having to spend a penny).

In this session you’ll discover:

• How a children’s product — found in any grocery store checkout lane — can help your team discover solutions to problems they previously found impossible, without you having to say a word (Adam will give each attendee one of these to use with their team!)
• Exactly what to add to your current retrospectives to 10x team engagement
• The shortcut to running insanely engaging retrospectives without having to practice or prepare
• The one thing you should never do with your retrospectives

Join us on February 12th, 2020 at 6pm to learn about this magic ingredient, and how you can add it to all your retrospectives in 2020.
6-6:30pm Pizza Social and networking
6:30-8pm Presentation
GoToCafe at LogMeIn, 7414 Hollister Ave, Goleta

About Adam Weisbart, CST

Years ago, before Adam was a Certified Scrum Trainer, before he’d trained and coached thousands of people around the world to help their teams become even more awesome than they already were, he made some cookies. Not just any snack, but Retrospective Cookies — fortune cookies with delicious questions for team retrospectives baked inside.

He tweeted about them, and people asked if they could buy some. He said yes, and even though boxing cookies by hand was not his thing, he sent hundreds of boxes all over the world to help people make their retros more delicious.

…and thus began Adam’s love affair with unique retrospectives!

As a trainer and coach, Adam has worked with clients including Electronic Arts, Apple, Microsoft, Automobile Association of America, BitTorrent, Action Against Hunger, and many more.

While he now lives on Vashon Island off the coast of Seattle, you may recognize him from his years in Santa Barbara (he grew up here), or from his agile YouTube hit Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say.