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Our goal is to create a living, self-sustaining, Agile entity that provides people with inspiring new ideas about Agile to apply in their daily work, and fun opportunities to connect and network with like-minded professionals in the Santa Barbara area.

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SB Agile is a Scrum Alliance User Group (http://membership.scrumalliance.org/page/UserGroups) and an Agile Alliance Community Group (https://www.agilealliance.org/communities/sb-agile/).

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Understanding Conflict with Paul Tevis

Goto Cafe at LogMeIn

6-6:30 Pizza and Networking Social 6:30 - 8pm Presentation & Q/A Conflict a signal that something new is trying to happen. We often don’t think of conflict in this way; instead we may think of (seemingly) pointless debates, personality clashes, hurt feelings, and distractions from the “real work.” But what if we got good at being able to disagree productively with one another? What if we could engage in passionate, unfiltered discussions around issues of importance without worrying that it would devolve into mean-spirited personal attacks? How much more effective would our teams be if they could do that? In this time together, we will explore our own (often problematic) tendencies in conflicts, what triggers those behaviors, what more noble intentions they are trying to serve, and what choices we have about what to do instead. Drawing on the work of John Gottman, Patrick Lencioni, and Marita Fridjhon & Faith Fuller, this workshop will help you to better understand how to avoid the dilemma of choosing between artificial harmony and unproductive conflict and leave you with a plan for how to apply that new understanding. About Paul I help engineers and leaders in high-tech organizations who need to work as effectively with people as they do with technology, through training and one-on-one coaching tailored to their specific needs. In my career as a software engineer, I often found myself frustrated that we were wasting so much time working together ineffectively. Over time I discovered that my co-workers often felt the same way. My interest in finding better ways of working together led me first to explore Scrum and other Agile methods – as I started my second career as an Agile Coach – and then to dig deeper into the harder issues of collaboration, conflict, leadership, and change. Now, as an independent coach and consultant, I work with teams and leaders to help them learn not only how to succeed but how to thrive in today’s high-tech workplace. Find out more about the work that I do at http://vigemusconsulting.com or on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/paultevis.

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