What we're about

SCRAG = Role-playing with an emphasis on having fun and laughing. This is ADND oldschool style! So the emphasis is on roll playing (not just rolling dice), acting out and having fun in a low-pressure environment geared towards cooperative play. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE DM AGAINST THE PLAYERS!!!

SCRAG is all about role playing, cooperative story telling, and fun. This is a group for those of you who like to play an advanced version of "let's pretend", based on a set of scenarios created by the DM and played out using a given set of rules to determine allowable responses to given circumstances. These circumstances are setup in a story form - the adventure - where you choose what kind of character and race that you want to play. The situation is described to you, and you then decide what your character will do given the specific set of circumstances. Here's an example - if you like it then you should join and play with us:

Concerto for Troll and Dungeon Adventurers in C# minor

- Your party of adventurers is climbing an interminably long well lit staircase, taking over an hour to get within sight of the top of the stairs several hundred feet above you. The staircase is dangerously steep, and has walls on either side of it going up to a ceiling of solid stone about 10' above your heads, but you have managed to limit potential dangers by roping your party together and having the strongest / heaviest anchored in the centre of the column. There is a track cut into the stairs about 8" from the wall on either side. These tracks are 6" deep and 3" wide, their purpose a mystery. There are no exits from the stairwell except back the way you came, or forward to the top.
- You get within 250 feet of the top and pause for a rest. While you look up towards the top of the stairs, you hear the sound of a piano playing something classical but it is too faint to make out which piece. Suddenly, a brilliant spotlight hits the top of the stairwell.
- You begin to hear the sound of squeaky wheels turning - squeaky squeaky squeaky squeaky - getting closer and louder. At the same time you recognize the piece that the piano is playing. It's playing "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" by Franz Liszt. Still gazing up you see a large grand piano slowly roll into sight, squeaking all the way - a troll wearing full formal black tuxedo and tie is sitting at it playing the piece very frenetically and with a lot of verve. Suddenly, without affecting the troll's masterful playing of the piece in any way, unseen hands push the piano (troll and all) over the edge of the stairs and it comes rolling down at you!
- What do you do?

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