What we're about

The goal of the meetup is to create a dedicated venue to discuss what it takes to rapidly build and roll out AI-products. Our events cover infrastructure, product management, and hands-on best practices when developing AI-first products. Eventually, we hope that this community will help drive standards around how AI-ML of the future is developed and deployed.

In brief, we:

• Discuss best practices in Agile AI & ML

• Help drive community standards around Agile AI & ML

• Meet outstanding data scientists and ML Engineers

Past events (9)

MLOps Salon: Building AI-Enabled Products

Needs a location

MLOps Salon: Applying MLOps at Scale

Needs a location

[Webinar] Monitoring your Production NLP Models

Needs a location

[Webinar] Enabling Production MLOps at Scale

Needs a location

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