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C++11's New Pointer Types

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A brand-new meetup series, modeled on the SFBay ACCU ( We'll be discussing topics from Scott Meyers' new book, "Effective Modern C++", followed by lightning talks and open discussion. (Post a comment below if you'd like to add something to the agenda!)

For this first meeting, the topic is EMC++ chapter 4 (items 18–22): "Smart Pointers." C++11 added a variety of "pointer" types to the language — unique_ptr, shared_ptr, and weak_ptr. We'll discuss their benefits, pitfalls, and ways to use them safely. Looking ahead to C++17, we might touch on the papers N3840 "The World's Dumbest Smart Pointer" and N4162 "Atomic Smart Pointers".

When: 7:00 pm, Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Where: Mixpanel, 799 Market Street, San Francisco (7th floor)

Transit: Powell Street BART station

Meetings are open to the public and free of charge; pizza will be provided.