Data in Motion: Simplifying Security & Building Custom Integrations

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Join us to learn about securing data in motion, and building custom big data integrations.

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6 - 6.45 pm - Food and Networking.

6:45 - 7 pm - Introductions

7 - 7:30 pm - Pratik Verma (, Chief Product Officer at BlueTalon ( "Simplified Security for Data in Motion"

We will look at the problems that arise when organizations collect more and more data, and they need to start thinking about exactly who should have access to that data. There's a balance between realizing the benefits of big data environments, and exposing the business to unnecessary risks. We'll examine in detail the practicalities of controlling big data access based on users’ roles and business needs.

7:30 - 8 pm - Pat Patterson (, Community Champion at StreamSets ( "Building Custom Big Data Integrations"

Big data ingest frameworks ship with an array of connectors for common data origins and destinations, such as flat files, S3, HDFS, Kafka etc, but sometimes, you need to send data to, or receive data from a system that's not on the list. StreamSets includes template code for building your own connectors and processors; we'll walk through the process of building a simple destination that sends data to a REST web service, and show how it can be extended to target more sophisticated systems such as Salesforce Wave Analytics.

8 - 8:30 pm - Raffle and more networking - bring a business card to be entered into the drawing!

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