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Ludum Dare 28 Real World Meetup

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Once again Ludum Dare is having a competition and jam, and once again we are hosting the meetup for it! There will be inspiration, and games, and all the things needed to make such things, like power and tables and chairs! (Bring your own laptop and other tools.) Come on down and show us what you can make in a weekend!

See for more information and rules.

I will have more details and information as we get closer to the date.

See you all here!

Edit: It's now closer to the date! For old hands, the following information should be familiar, for new people, read the following!

The location is[masked]th Street, as mentioned, but you will need to dial #0230 on the phone near the door when you get there. I or another staff member will buzz open the door for you.

The museum will on its regular open hours on Saturday and Sunday (12:00-6:00pm). This means the general public will be wandering in and out, so don't be mean to them, but you are welcome to recruit them to be your playtesters.

I generally kick people out at midnight. The alarm on my phone will go off at 11:30pm, at point I will make an announcement to make sure no one misses the last Bart train. Every time there are rumors that a staff person will stay overnight to accommodate those who want to stay all night; such rumors have been occurring this time as well; but I make no guarantees on that. I generally get in at noon on Saturday and Sunday.

We generally tell people to bring their own laptops and other peripherals needed. Due to the museum getting sponsors and such, we have another room filled with computers, with free dev tools (Unity Blender Gimp Twine Scratch I can't remember all of the software on them). So it won't be quite such a pain if you don't have a development laptop. I still recommend you bring your own, though.

I still have no sponsor for food. :( My finances are such that I can't personally afford pizza for all of you. There are nearby burrito places, pizza places that deliver, lots of options that are happy when we visit on a weekend because business is usually slow then. We won't starve. If your boss or company likes sponsoring small groups and would want you to hand out postcards and pizza, I would be thrilled.

The theme is announced when the event starts (6:00pm Friday night). However, the servers at Ludum Dare, to my knowledge, never survive the masses refreshing the webpage at that moment. It is also announced on the IRC server. We will be watching it to get the theme to you as soon as possible.

There may be some video streaming occurring at the event. Every time, I want to do some video to share the geeky fun that goes on, but every time I do a not-very-good job at this. I will probably set something up, and if anyone has a better video presence than I do, I would be grateful for assistance. If you are shy and don't want to be on video, let me know, and I will point the camera the other way.

I also like to finish with an informal "these are the games we made!" show and tell. I also like to stream this. This basically involves setting up the projector and doing a little play-through while you tell us about the game and the difficulties and bugs and awesomeness. I also like to stream this, and if I get overwhelmed it may be the only thing I stream.

Wow, that's a lot! If there is anything I forgot, I will add it here. See you all soon!