• Charlie Cramer "Perception in photography. How to see images more accurately..."

    Charles Cramer will present a lecture on perception in photography, and how to view things more accurately on your monitor. In printing, a common complaint I hear is “my prints come out too dark”. I have had this complaint, too, even with a well-profiled monitor and printer. I believe the cause is due to—the human brain! If everything is calibrated properly, what’s wrong is your perception. I will discuss how to get around this. I'll also talk about ways to improve an image using various techniques that actually come from the world of painting. Darkening edges, lightening in the middle, darkening the foreground—these are all techniques that can improve your image, often in a substantial way. About Charles Cramer After spending seven years of college studying classical piano, Charles Cramer visited Yosemite National Park, and soon realized he wanted out of those tiny practice rooms! Realizing the similarities between interpreting music and interpreting a negative, he soon became enamored with making prints. His prints sell in many galleries, including the Ansel Adams Gallery. In 1987 and again in 2009, Cramer was selected by the National park Service to be an artist-in-residence in Yosemite. He has taught workshops since 1988 for the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, the Palm Beach workshops in Florida, Anderson Ranch workshops in Colorado, and the John Sexton Workshops in California. His 26 part video series on printing can be found at www.luminous-landscape.com. Cramer has been profiled in PhotoTechniques, Outdoor Photographer, Outdoor Photography (UK), Camera Natura (Sweden), Popular Photography (China), PhotoVision, and View Camera magazines. He is also included in the books “Landscape: The World’s Top Photographers,” published in 2005, and “First Light: Five Photographers Explore Yosemite’s Wilderness,” published in 2009. Plus “Yosemite” published in 2017 by Triplekite publishers in England. He also had a solo exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel in 2010. His work can be seen at www.charlescramer.com. ---------------------------------- The Bay Area Photography and Exploration Society is sponsored by SlickPic, https://www.slickpic.com. SlickPic - Online galleries and portfolios for all photographers.