Weekly Photo Project: Coffee

This is a past event

15 people went


Accepting submissions from now until Monday, March 12th. •••

Hi All,
It's already mid February and it's time to start our photo challenge. Although the start date listed here is a future event, it really starts right now. I can't put a long event starting now and ending in 3 weeks, since meetup doesn't allow multi-week events, plus as soon as the event starts I won’t be able to edit it, so the start date of the event listed on this site is in fact the end date.

I call the events weekly only because that's how we've started. But in fact we've quickly realized that that's too often and they are now lasting for 2 - 3 weeks, but I'll keep the terminology.

Every time we'll have a different theme for our "weekly" project. Since a lot of our members love coffee, I'd like to repeat the challenge and this week’s theme is "Coffee" again. Any coffee related photos will work, but try to be creative. If you've participated last time, please upload new photographs that we haven't seen.

If you've done it before, you know the drill: submit 1 to 5 images for this week’s theme by clicking the following link:
http://slickpic.us/2105844j4TM ••• JPEGs only, please!

It’s always great to add titles to your photos. You can do that on the upload screen. If you want to do it after the upload, just add the title in the comments section for the photo.

You can review the uploaded photos here: https://meetupphoto.slickpic.com/albums/Weekly-Projects

Whether you've uploaded photos or not, please comment on other people's photos for the current and previous weeks. Authors will definitely appreciate that. Please check periodically as new photos are uploaded daily.

If you are new to the project, please read the instructions below:

You can upload photos any time while the project is open, but you’ll get the most feedback when more people check the album, so it's best to upload early. Please check periodically for other people's photos and comment on them. Hopefully, these photographers will reciprocate and comment on yours, so everyone wins. The albums will remain public and visible to everyone all the time.

Our image submission service is being provided by SlickPic photo galleries. If you have an account, log in and upload. If you don't have an account you can register for upload for free. You can also upload without registration, but then you won’t get notifications about the comments for your photos, and that's is not good.

To upload, click the following link:
http://slickpic.us/2105844j4TM ••• JPEGs only, please!

It’s always great to add titles to your photos. You can also add a longer description if you'd like. Your name will be displayed under the photo. It will be picked up from your registration during the submission process. If you don't feel comfortable uploading photos online because they might be copied - for security purposes, I turned on the right-click-save protection, i.e. right-clicking the mouse will not pop the Save Image menu.

Note: please make sure you own the photos you upload. Please don’t upload any inappropriate images and keep all comments photography related.

All the photos from all the challenges could be found in the following album:
It's a good idea to bookmark it.

Let’s start the challenge!


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