All About Streaming: Monitor Kafka Like a Pro and Apache Pulsar

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6 - 6:30 pm Check-In + Networking
6:35 pm -- 7:15 pm Talk1
7:20 pm -- 8:00 pm Talk2
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Talk1: Unifying Messaging, Queuing, Streaming & Light Weight Compute in Apache Pulsar
Online event processing applications often require the ability to ingest, store, dispatch and process events. Until now, supporting all of these needs has required different systems for each task -- stream processing engines, messaging queuing middleware, and pub/sub messaging systems. This has led to the unnecessary complexity for the development of such applications and operations leading to increased barrier to adoption in the enterprises. In this talk, Karthik will outline the need to unify these capabilities in a single system and make it easy to develop and operate at scale. Karthik will delve into how Apache Pulsar was designed to address this need with an elegant architecture. Apache Pulsar is a next generation distributed pub-sub system that was originally developed and deployed at Yahoo and running in production in more than 100+ companies. Karthik will explain how the architecture and design of Pulsar provides the flexibility to support developers and applications needing any combination of queuing, messaging, streaming and lightweight compute for events. Furthermore, he will provide real life use cases how Apache Pulsar is used for event processing ranging from data processing tasks to web processing applications.

Speaker: Karthik Ramasamy (streamlio)
Karthik Ramasamy is the co-founder and CEO of Streamlio that focuses on building next generation event processing infrastructure using Apache Pulsar. Before Streamlio, he was the engineering manager and technical lead for real-time infrastructure at Twitter where he co-created Twitter Heron. He co-founded Locomatix, a company that specializes in real-time streaming processing on Hadoop and Cassandra using SQL, that was acquired by Twitter. Karthik has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a focus on big data and databases. Karthik is the author of book "Network Routing: Algorithms, Protocols and Architectures".

Talk 2: Monitor Kafka Like a Pro
Kafka operators need to provide guarantees to the business that Kafka is working properly and delivering data in real time, and they need to identify and triage problems so they can solve them before end users notice them. This elevates the importance of Kafka monitoring from a nice-to-have to an operational necessity. In this talk, Kafka operations experts Xavier Léauté and Gwen Shapira share their best practices for monitoring Kafka and the streams of events flowing through it. How to detect duplicates, catch buggy clients, and triage performance issues – in short, how to keep the business’s central nervous system healthy and humming along, all like a Kafka pro.

Speakers: Gwen Shapira, Xavier Leaute (Confluence)
Gwen is a software engineer at Confluent working on core Apache Kafka. She has 15 years of experience working with code and customers to build scalable data architectures. She currently specializes in building real-time reliable data processing pipelines using Apache Kafka. Gwen is an author of “Kafka - the Definitive Guide”, "Hadoop Application Architectures", and a frequent presenter at industry conferences. Gwen is also a committer on the Apache Kafka and Apache Sqoop projects.

Xavier Leaute is One of the first engineers to Confluent team, Xavier is responsible for analytics infrastructure, including real-time analytics in KafkaStreams. He was previously a quantitative researcher at BlackRock. Prior to that, he held various research and analytics roles at Barclays Global Investors and MSCI.