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Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder & CTO of HashiCorp - DevOps for Startups

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Armon Dadgar is the Co-Founder and Co-CTO of HashiCorp (, the creators of Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Vault, Nomad, and Consul! Previously, Armon did research at University of Washington, focused on Big Data at Amazon, and worked on high-scale data services at Kiip.

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Agenda - January 10th, 2017

6:00 PM - Doors open. Eat and chat!

6:25 PM - Welcome and a message from our sponsors!

6:30 PM - Lightning Talks

• Tung Nguyen (, former VP of Engineering at BleacherReport (, will talk about UFO, a tool he developed to ease shipping Docker containers to AWS ECS.

• Peter Bakkum (, Platform Lead at Quizlet (, will talk about scaling Quizlet during Fall 2016.

Every year Quizlet's traffic grows 50%. Much of this hits in September when students return to school, followed by a seasonal peak during exams in December. Scaling our systems for this growth means re-assessing our architecture, testing, and re-engineering. We'll talk through the strategies we used to load test, the lessons learned, and the results during Fall 2016. The talk is meant for anyone interested in a real-world experience of infrastructure engineering at scale.

7:00 PM - Armon Dadgar (, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp ( - DevOps for Startups w/ Q&A

Most startups are in a race, either against competitors or burn rates to deliver products. The focus on agility of delivery is a perfect fit for the goals of DevOps, which optimizes how quickly an application can be delivered. In this talk, we discuss what DevOps is, and how it affects the people, processes, and tools used to deliver an app. Startups should adopt many of the practices of DevOps, and we will talk about some pragmatic ways to get started and add value without getting caught up with all the shiny new tools.

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