• [Outside Event] BuildETH - A One-Day Ethereum DevCon

    Mission Bay Conference Center

    *** This is an outside event organized by BuildETH *** BuildETH 2019 is on Friday, July 19, 2019 in San Francisco. It is a one-day Ethereum developer conference from 9am to 5:30pm and will features presentations, workshops, and expert sessions from the top developers and architects in the Ethereum community. It will be a premier gathering of the best creators, innovators, and industry experts in the decentralized space. Talks and discussions will cover everything from the basics on DApp development to real-world usability, Layer 2 solutions, wallets, DAOs, governance, smart contract development, DeFi, crypto gaming, and much more. Join 250+ other beginning and expert developers for what promises to be one of the top blockchain developer conferences this summer. REGISTER HERE: http://buildeth.io TICKETS: $40 Student, $99 Regular PROMOTION­AL CODE: SFEthDevs (25% off) *** Do not sign up on this event page. Go to the Registration link above ***