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Pitch Day: The future of FinTech is DIVERSE

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At Empire, we know that diverse and complex problems are best solved by diverse teams. Our pitch day will feature diverse teams solving complex problems across lending, payments, personal finance, wealth, capital markets, infrastructure, insurtech, and banking.

Empire is partnering with Mastercard because we both know that to reach its full potential, the future of FinTech must be diverse. Our mission for the 'Future of FinTech is Diverse' Pitch Day is to shine a light on FinTech founders solving important challenges, while increasing access to opportunity and capital for entrepreneurs who identify as female or BIPOC.

FULL AGENDA --> https://empirestartups.com/events/future-of-fintech/

REGISTER TO ATTEND --> https://www.crowdcast.io/e/future-of-fintech

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Financial Wellness Pitch Day brought to you by AARP

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