What we're about

Were you born between 1964-1984?

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Developing friendships? Having fun? Experiencing life in San Francisco?

Have you found that this becomes increasingly difficult as you move around? Develop new interests in which your existing friends don’t share? Your longer term friendships pair up, start to have children and/or move outside the city?

Then, join us!

This group is for people who believe that trying new things, making new friends and having fun makes life fulfilling regardless of age. Ideally, we will attract those who are interested in developing real friendships versus dropping in occasionally for “something to do.”
Most activities will take place in San Francisco.

There are several tracks:
*Intellectual (e.g., discussion groups, museums, etc)
*Play (e.g., hiking, games, tennis, circus class, etc)
*Local Events (e.g., Festivals, etc)
*Nightlife (e.g., Happy Hours, Live music)
*Sports viewing (e.g., World Cup, Warriors, etc.)
*Hang-outs (e.g., chilling in the park, sharing travel stories, etc.)
*Other (e.g., cooking class, improv, etc)

THE MORE EVENT ORGANIZERS, THE BETTER! If you're interested in hosting events, just drop me a note and I'll give you the proper permissions. We are on the look out for fun, new ideas; just let us know as soon as possible and we can get the ball rolling!

A few things to bear in mind…

1. Profile pic/First name required. Anonymous profiles impede new friendships and make it difficult for event organizers to recognize you. So, to join up, two things:
A. Your PRIMARY profile pic must clearly show your face
B. Please post your real name
More than just being friendly, sharing your face/name helps us find each other at events

2. To facilitate meaningful connection, we are restricting participation to those who were born between the years of 1964-1984

3. Unless the venue is able to accommodate a large group comfortably, events will be small– 10 maximum, possibly less, depending on the event – so that we can actually spend time getting to know each other better.

4. For most eating out events you will be required to bring cash so that we can settle the bill with one credit card.

5. We want members to have a good time and develop solid friendships through this meetup. As such, we have some scenarios under which a member may be removed from the group.

** 2 NO-SHOWS with some sort of message to the organizer and you are out. 1 NO-SHOW with absolutely no communication to the organizer and you are out. It's a bummer, but there are a lot of flakes on Meetup. Don't make us do it!!! It's easy, if you can't come, BE CONSIDERATE and change your RSVP 24 hours in advance. And, if you do flake, it's respectful to at least communicate something to the organizer.

**Five cancellations within 48 hours and we may also ask you to move on. We want our flake factor to = zero!

** If you are rude/unfriendly, a constant complainer, or disrespectful/make others uncomfortable on a consistent basis, you will be kindly asked to move on.

** Also if you have not logged in or attended an event in the last year you may be removed.

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