What we're about

Okta or OneLogin?... or, do you have no idea what those are?

IPSec, SSL, or, um, what was the other kind of VPN again?

Is Meraki's ease of use worth the price tag, or do you think Ruckus' reknowned engineering trumps?

Before you BYOD do you have an AUP for your MDM?

If these questions sound familiar -- or, for that matter, if they sound like total gibberish -- then you're in the right Meetup group. We are an informal peer group of I.T. Directors, Managers, and executives in the Bay Area, and we are helping each other figure out the Brave New World of I.T. in the age of the Cloud.

It's impossible for any one person to keep on top of I.T. trends -- especially when your company is a cutting-edge, Cloud-based startup that doesn't follow the traditional on-premise, Microsoftian infrastructure rules about how a business should operate. Once a month, we gather for an informal peer discussion and networking group to swap geek secrets, ask questions, share resources, brainstorm solutions, and confirm that, yes, there actually is NO current way to solve that specific feature need -- but hey, at least you're not the only one seeking it, so you're not alone in your geek misery!

This is a NON-SALESY meeting. We occasionally invite vendors to present on their products, but only with approval of the majority of members (and they better be ready to be grilled to the floor). Rather, this is a forum for sharing ideas and getting support for the crazy, daily challenges of running I.T. infrastructure at a startup.

Any member who is found to be hard-selling to the group will be ejected after the second complaint.

Requirement for admission: Be an I.T. Director, Manager, or executive at an organization of at least 50 people. [Note: organizer and location hosts may not always fit this description, but will never make unsolicited sales pitches.]

We're blazing trails in I.T. 2.0 which brick-and-mortar companies and consultancies are going to consider the "standard" within the next five years, whether they know (and like it) it or not! Let's get together and say we were part of something before anybody but us knew it was important.

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