What we're about

San Francisco Liberty Coalition is a monthly event series backed by a loose network of local groups that are working to promote liberty in some area or areas of public policy (any group fighting for civil liberties, economic freedom, or both). It is designed to give supporters of civil and/or economic liberties a forum where we can connect with each other around the pro-freedom causes we care about, learn more about libertarian ideas, and make our voices heard in local politics.

NOTE (10/17): Happy to report I found someone to help with monthly organizing!
(More help with publicity, printing and distributing fliers, etc., is still welcome,
if you'd like to get involved.) Now just waiting on confirming details of our
prospective event location.

NOTE (1/18): Unfortunately the location didn't pan out. We're now again seeking
a centrally located space in the city to hold upwards of 50 people monthly. If
you know any place, please message me.

~ Starchild


Events will be $1 at the door, or free with an invite from a Coalition member group. Events will include both participatory caucusing, and some form of presentation (e.g. speakers, pro-freedom videos, etc.) or other activity.

Speakers invited to appear at the forum may include:

• persons knowledgeable about topics relevant to the struggle for freedom
• victims of government oppression
• local activists and community organizers
• candidates for public office
• government officials

Event Format/Schedule
1) Welcome/introductions
2) Coalition member group reps give brief updates/info on their groups, what they're doing
3) List the different Caucus topics people can choose to discuss (each Coalition member group may sponsor a topic; others may be added by the organizers)
4) Break into small group Caucuses (each person chooses which issue s/he wants to discuss, and goes to the small group meeting to discuss that issue)
5) Everyone comes together as a large group again, and a spokesperson for each Caucus gives a brief report on what was discussed in their group, what activism they planned for between now and next month, etc.
6) Featured speaker(s), film, or other presentation/happening
7) Time to hang out, network, and socialize

SF Liberty Coalition member group benefits & responsibilities
Any locally active group whose mission is broadly libertarian (supports both civil liberties and economic freedom positions), or single-issue group that brings a pro-freedom perspective to its main area(s) of focus, are eligible to be part of the SF Liberty Coalition.

Groups in the coalition will have the opportunity to send a representative to give an update for the group at SF Liberty Coalition events, solicit and receive donations at our events, be included on event signage and fliers, recommend or provide speakers and films for the events, receive free event invites to distribute to their supporters, and be listed as a sponsor on the SF Liberty Coalition Meetup page with a link to the group's website.

In exchange, coalition groups are asked to inform their supporters about SF Liberty Coalition events and help spread the word about the events among the general public.

If you belong to or know of a group in the San Francisco area whose mission involves trying to expand freedom or reduce the size/cost/scope or power of government in some way (or many different ways!), please contact the SF Liberty Coalition Meetup organizer, or encourage the leaders of your group to get in touch, about becoming a participating organization.

Start a Liberty Coalition where you live
Freedom activists wishing to organize similar Liberty Coalitions in other cities are welcome to use this event name and format. Please contact me if you'd like help/advice!

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