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Come join us for 3 great talks!


6:00 - 6:30pm: Networking and Food/drinks

6:30 - 8:15pm: Sponsor intro and talks!

Speaker bios and talk abstracts!

Thomas Hunter of Open Table @tlhunter (

HTTP API Design Part 2: In this continuation from last months talk we'll look at how to design data payloads to make our API consistent and intuitive for consumers. We'll cover some existing standards for designing API's such as JSON API, JSON RPC, GraphQL, and even look at MessagePack, a way to encode JSON in binary.

Anand Patel of MuleSoft @MuleSoft (

Reactive Microservices: While there are many who claim adopting a microservices architecture will yield several benefits, it usually takes more work for those benefits to be fully experienced. This is especially true with monolith-to-microservices migrations, where developers still think in an synchronous REST mindset. In this talk, we'll discuss what is required to move to async services and how adopting an event-driven architecture can promote self-healing, rapid prototyping, and graceful degradation and tradeoffs associated with this kind of move.

Mark McBride CEO at Turbine Labs Inc @mccv (

Beyond Ingresses - Better Software Releases in Kubernetes: While Ingresses provide a simple description of how to route traffic for a domain to multiple services, they don’t help much with software releases. Label and content aware routing lets us create more reliable, flexible, and faster release and test processes. We’ll cover incremental blue/green deploys, testing in production, and service refactoring."