Giving power back to developers: Preview of a new computing platform

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Even though there is a clear sense of slowing down innovation as the consumer web and cloud services are primarily developed by a handful of corporations, there is an opportunity to re-imagine how software development is done. There are millions of developers in the world. Through the process of building services openly, we will have better infrastructure and open services. In the near future, whenever one of us wants to build a service or an app, there will be 1,000s of micro-services readily available to use each dedicated to its own task (just as importantly: with each developer who built these tasks are getting a payment back for their creation). The services won’t disappear or sell our data since they will not only be built via open source: they will also have an open state.

As crypto networks evolve, they are likely to provide strong incentives to unlock further state and create open services in many areas dominated by closed services today. Open services powered by crypto networks will present an unprecedented opportunity for a new generation of developers and entrepreneurs to innovate.

While the earlier iterations of blockchain computer were slow and clunky to use (for both developers and end users), new generation platforms like NEAR protocol completely re-imagined the user onboarding, development experience, and scalability.

NEAR is a blockchain protocol designed to bridge the adoption gap for mainstream commercial DApps. With NEAR, you can build a blockchain application within minutes, and you will have a better development experience due to tooling (IDE) & use of modern languages like WASM, Typescript, and Rust. NEAR completely re-imagined how end-user usability will be done, which will tremendously help with user acquisition, which developers care a lot about. To build it, NEAr assembled a dream team of engineers who implemented sharded distributed systems at scale including 3 early MemSQL engineers, 4 ex-Googlers, 4 gold medals at ACM ICPC and more.

Brief agenda:

6:00 - 6:30 pm: Kickoff, Intro to NEAR and questions
6:30 - 7.30 pm: Workshop - Build! Debug! Launch!
7:30 - 8:00 pm: Debrief and wind down

Please join us for an early preview of NEAR DevNet, and you can build applications within minutes on this new platform together with the co-founders of NEAR!