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SF Scala is a group for functional programmers who use Scala to dominate the world. We build APIs, Big Data flows, and startups powered by Scala. We do more with less people and less resoucres due to Scala's incredible power. We meet to discuss best practices and how the technology is being used successfully by organizations.

SF Scala covers San Francisco, and events are coordinated with , which covers the peninsula and south bay.

If you would like to present a technical talk about Scala, or how Scala is used in your organization, please contact one of the organizers. If you want to host, contact us. We also are always looking for video sponsors to continue our recordings.

Always find us at sfscala.org and follow us on Twitter at @sfscala.

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Scala 3 Training Workshop included in SBTB 2021

Needs a location

We're delighted to add a Scala 3 workshop to Scale By the Bay 2021, in a week, free to the attendees! (If you already have a pass it is included.)

Register for SBTB at https://scale.bythebay.io using code SFSCALA20 for 20% off.

Trainer: Adam Warski, globally recognized FP speaker and leader
Time: 27th of October, 9-12AM SF time (19-21PM CET) - 3h
Title: Exposing an HTTP API using Scala 3

It's about time to leverage the new features available in Scala 3! A number of libraries have been updated, making it possible to write fully-functional applications using the latest Scala version.

We'll create a basic application from scratch, exposing an HTTP API, using the following Scala 3 features:

* enums to define data structures
* opaque types for even more type-safety
* typeclass derivation using the `derives` keyword
* extension methods
* new braceless syntax

The following Scala libraries will be involved:
* tapir for describing web endpoints
* http4s as the HTTP server implementation
* cats-effect to control effects and for asynchronous programming

If you've been using Scala 2 before, or if you are completely new to Scala - come and see how functional programmings works our in practice! No prior Scala experience is required.

*A starting repository and setup instructions will be provided for the attendees before the workshop.*

Reserve your seat for SBTB at https://scale.bythebay.io using code SFSCALA20 for 20% off.

Adam Warski is one of the co-founders and CTO of SoftwareMill, where he codes mainly using Scala and other interesting technologies. He is involved in open source projects, such as sttp, tapir, Quicklens, ElasticMQ and others. Adam has been a speaker at major conferences, such as JavaOne, LambdaConf, Devoxx and ScalaDays. Apart from writing closed- and open-source software, his ideas or insights usually end up with a blog post: https://softwaremill.com/blog.

Scale By the Bay 2021

Online event

Scale By the Bay program is up and registration is open:


Our core themes, as always, are

-- Thoughtful Software Engineering
-- Cloud Architectures
-- Data Engineering with ML/AI

New topics this year include Scala 3, Hasktorch, for Haskell bindings to PyTorch, Swift for distributed systems, platforms built with Kubernetes, Kafka and Spark, and many more great talks from engineering leaders around the world.

Read an overview of the program: https://chief.sc/sbtb2021program1.

Register to reserve your seat. Join the growing list of sponsors and meet the community in the most immersive online environment in the industry.

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