SF Scala UnMeetup @ Domino Data Lab


Please join us for a community-driven evening of side projects, workshops, lightning talks, and open-source hacking.
What is an "Unmeetup"?

An unmeetup is a casual community-driven, hands-on meetup modeled after unconferences (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference). Members propose topics to discuss and projects to work on, then each individual chooses how to spend their time for the evening. This is complementary to the standard meetup and emphasizes community-building and collaboration.

You should join if you:

• would like to offer a workshop or lightning talk.

• want to find contributors for your open source project.

• are new to Scala and want to work with other Scala developers.

• are experienced with Scala and want to mentor others.

• have cool work-in-progress and want feedback.

• just want to hack on a project!

A project could be a side projects, open source, or code from work you'd like to bounce ideas about.


6:00 - Doors Open

6:45 - Welcome and project introductions. Add your proposals here http://goo.gl/DN3ZRU

7:00 - Project time

8:55 - Wrap up and take the party elsewhere

About Domino Data Lab (Venue)

At Domino Data Lab we are accelerating the evolution of data science through the creation of a scalable, centralized platform that allows for rapid model development and collaborative research. Our platform enables data scientists to develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, build better cars, or simply recommend the best song to play next.

Our small team of 15 engineers has built the platform with Scala & Docker: https://www.dominodatalab.com/careers