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Monthly Video Meetup

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Jon D. and Matt M.



Phil Cluff (Brightcove) - "Smooth Streaming War Stories"
Phil tells the tale of building a "spec compliant" Microsoft Smooth streaming server from scratch. All did not go "smoothly"*.

Opher Vishnia (Interlude) - "Moving Pictures - on web Video and Interactivity"
Sometimes video is not just video. Part of the video experience on the web is letting people interact with it. Whether it's simply pausing and seeking, jumping to other videos or creating full interactive experience - one aspect is always important: The GUI. So how can you layout amazing interfaces on top of video with web technologies, and make it work across devices and platforms without affecting video performance? I will present several methods of achieving just that, discussing best practices and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

*Editors Note: This pun is entirely Phil's doing.

149 9th Street · San Francisco, CA
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