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There should be one of those "May showers" rhymes for something to do with April bringing NAB. It came, it went, and suddenly I'm getting the strange urge to buy a bigger TV and a new camera (despite having not used anything but my phone for a decade).

Given that it's the April meetup and a lot of us did just come back from NAB, we'll do a quick re-cap replete with crowd participation before we kick off the talks.

Also, here's a live video of me getting the meetup description up this month:

## Schedule

We do the same thing every month (roughly), but for any folks coming for the first time, here's a breakdown of what the schedule looks like:

6:30 - Pizza and drinks are ready for the taking
7:00(ish) - Talks start
8:00(ish) - Talks are done by now, folks can help finish off any pizza or drinks left over
8:30 - We don't have to go home, but we can't stay at Heavybit

## Speakers

### Jon Levine (Cloudflare) - "The Quest for Low Latency Live"

Delivering low-latency video streams over HTTP (or any protocol) is super hard. Recently, protocols like LHLS and CMAF have emerged that require careful tuning across the player and origin server. In this talk I'll talk about the role your CDN plays in delivering live video, how typical CDN behavior can get in the way, and what we've done at Cloudflare to get video bytes to clients as quickly as possible.

### Justin Sanford (Mux) - "Understanding Video Performance: QoE is not QoS (and why you should give a shit)"

As consumers of streaming video, we've all encountered bad video experiences. These range from slightly annoying to forcing us to abandon the content because of how painful it is, and anywhere in between. Of course, some of us slog through some of the worst experiences for the right content, but as people working in online video, understanding this video performance is critical. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet; there are many different methods to measuring performance of video, and it's not always clear what to do with the data that you do get. This talk will cover the standards that exist, the difference between Quality of Service and Quality of Experience (including why you should care about the difference), and a way to contextualize the data that you gather in order to make better video experiences online.