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Meet with other front end engineers, developers, designers, system administrators and business people who're interested in making their sites work fast to get better user experience, lower abandonment rates and more money. Improve user experience for everyone, everywhere, no matter where they live and no matter their device: from MacBook pros in Silicon Valley to feature phones in Siberia. #PerfMatters!

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Getting Up to Speed Workshop

Cañada College

Getting Up to Speed with Web Performance Workshop presentationWebsites may be slow, but the web itself moves fast. Every day new techniques and tools emerge, promising to make your site faster and lighter. New articles are written about the latest "best practices" in performance, only to have yet newer articles contradict them. When the technologies and techniques we use to make websites more performant change so quickly, it's easy to feel like you're falling behind. But if you pull back the layers and the hype, drilling into the core concepts of how the network and browsers we rely on actually work, it suddenly becomes much easier to recognize which best practices are actually appropriate for you, and what trade-offs you're making. In this workshop, we'll go beyond the latest and greatest techniques and tools to understand what is going on at the core. We'll explore: * How the browser renders pages, from the very first request on the network to the final pixel on your screen * What the critical rendering path is and how to optimize for it * How HTTP/2 differs from HTTP/1 and what that means for popular opimizations * How to identify common performance bottlenecks in your sites and applications By the time we're done, you'll have a firm understanding of what makes sites fast, and how to separate the hype from reality. After the workshop, you should be confident attending and keeping up with all the discussions both on-stage and off-stage at #PerfMattersConference. Register at https://perfmattersconf.com/workshop

#PerfMatters Conference 2019

Cañada College

#PerfMatters Conference is the web performance conference taking place on April 2 & 3, in Redwood City, California with talks by internationally renowned performance developers. Our focus is on front-end web performance. * Talks and speakers include: * The Cost Of JavaScript, Addy Osmani * SVG Will Save Us, Sarah Drasner * Resource loading, prioritization, HTTP/2 - oh my!, Patrick Meenan * Runtime Scheduling on the Web, Shubhie Panicker * Refactoring for Progressive Web Apps, Erica Stanley * Fantastic Frontend Performance Tricks and Why We Do Them, Jenna Zeigen * Leveraging the power of service design to boost web performance, Anthonia Carter * How Privilege Defines Performance, Tatiana Mac * Crash Course in CrUX, Rick Viscomi * Happy Browser, Happy User!, Katie Sylor-Miller * Chaperones and curfews: minimising 3rd party impact, Ryan Townsend * Level up your web tools with WebAssembly, Robert Aboukhalil * The intersection of accessibility and performance, Eric Bailey * Taking the Guesswork out of Performance Budgets, Buddy Brewer * The Business of Performance, Lauren Younger Nagel * Measuring User Perceived Performance to Prioritize Product Work, Gemma Petrie and Heather McGaw * Performance Benefits of Variable Fonts, Mandy Michael * Think Fast, First: Empowering Performance Culture, Alfredo Lopez * A Billion Phones and Even More People, Keerthana Krishnan * Profiling the Profiler, Greg Tatum * Delighted, Satisfied, or Angry? : Building empathy into our core business metrics to put users first., Nathan Bower Our incredible eMCee is none other than the fabulous Mina Markham. Tim Kadlec will be leading a pre-conference workshop "Getting Up to Speed with Performance" to get attendees up to speed on web performance. If that sells out (which it almost has), Andy Davies will be teaching a second workshop on the exact same topic. Register at https://perfmattersconf.com

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