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What we’re about

Meet other furries in the bay area!
This group is for: anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts, fursuiters, furry artists, furry convention-goers, and furry role-players.
This is a place where you can post a gathering that you think might interest other like-minded people, and see who shows up. A great way to meet other furries!
We have discussion boards where you can chat about what is going on, post suggestions and ideas for meetups, and let others know where gatherings are happening.
Want to get a group together to see the latest (furry) movie? Post a meetup suggestion here! Want to throw a party at your place, but don't know how to contact others in the area? Post it up here on the meetup group.
This is your chance to discuss ideas for meetups and other miscellaneous topics.
If you would like to contribute to the operating cost of the Meetup Group, you may do so at the link below:

If you do want to join, just click on the 'Join Us' button below.
Please note that your application is subject to approval by the 'Bay Area Furries Meetup Group' Administrators. To ensure a quick and easy approval process, fill out the profile completely, and please include a picture.
** Please Note:  The minimum age to join this group is 18 years old. **
** Additionally, it may take up to 48 hours to approve your membership request**
(The BAF Mailing List can be found at: