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SFRails Meetup - Top Ways to Mess Up Your UX/UI + Data Analysis In Rails Apps

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7:00 Food/Beer/Networking
7:30 Intros/Sharing of Tips and Tools
7:45 Talk 1: Data Analysis in Rails Apps
8:10 Tech Talk: Craig Muth, Xiki
8:20 Talk 2: Top 6 Ways Developers Mess Up on User Experience
9:00 End

Talk 1: Data Analysis in Rails Apps

Serena Wales from Textizen will talk about data analysis in Rails apps. Topics will include:

• Solutions for different data sizes
• Libraries and strategies you can use
• How to make the process performant

About the Speaker

Serena Wales ( is the CTO of Textizen (, a text-message platforms that facilitates greater community engagement. As a 2012 Code for America fellow, Serena worked with the city of New Orleans to help in the fight against blight. Prior Code for America, Serena has worked at Purpose, building campaigning tools and web, applications for nonprofits and corporations.

Talk 2: Top 6 Ways Developers Mess Up on User Experience
(and how to avoid them.)

Everyone knows that every product needs a great user how come so many products suck? In this talk, Kate Rutter from Luxr will cover 6 common traps that get in the way of developing a great UX/UI...and how to avoid them.

Along the way, you'll learn:

• What makes for great UX
• Those 5 most pesky UI questions
• Maintaining consistent design in a team
• The One True Design process

About the Speaker

Kate Rutter ( is Co-Founder of Luxr (, a product company that provides practical online learning for entrepreneurs. She's a UX designer (formerly of Adaptive Path) who loves building things, follows Lean Startup practices, and believes every product can be f-ing awesome if you focus on the right things.

Tech Talk: Craig Muth on Xiki

Craig Muth from Xiki (and also the person who organizes and runs the protonight/pair programming sessions for the group) will give a short tech talk.


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