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Talk 1: Finding the Best Hotels in the Moment: How HotelTonight uses Elasticsearch to power its hotel search algorithm --

To handle exponential data growth, the need for 24x7 availability and requirements to serve up real-time results for its round-the-clock user base, HotelTonight’s engineering and platform team was faced with the challenge of architecting their systems for high-performance and scale, while focusing on their core competency: building an intelligent mobile travel application. With a MySQL backend, HotelTonight looked to Elasticsearch for handling its search functionality based on Elasticsearch’s Lucene background and its proven, developer friendly APIs. This was important as every search query must compare millions of documents containing diverse data elements to display real-time results for end users to select their hotel stays.

About the Speaker: Paul Sorensen ( is a Platform Engineer at HotelTonight. We plucked him from Chicagoland, where he was building Rails web apps, digging deeper into Elasticsearch, and rooting hard for the Bears. He now keeps busy scaling HT’s infrastructure to support massive data demands, within a constantly changing real-time marketplace servicing millions of requests per day. You can find Paul taking his breaks at the ping-pong table, HT Bar, or playing soccer with the HotelTonight team.

Talk 2: Advanced Ruby for Rails Developers

Ever wonder about some of the strange Ruby syntax you see in Rails applications? Take a closer look at blocks, procs and lambdas, scoping operators and the Ruby module system and how it applies to Rails applications in the wild.

About the Speaker:

Sherif Abushadi has been teaching Ruby and Javascript with Dev Bootcamp since 2012 and has over 15 years of professional development experience.

About the Sponsor/Host

HotelTonight makes it remarkably easy to book great hotels at amazing last-minute rates on your mobile device, for tonight, tomorrow and next week. Mobile is about being on the go and in the moment, which is why we focus on the last-minute space – and we do it better than anyone else in the world. Hand-picked hotels, 10-second 3-tap bookings, and incredible deals on rooms that would otherwise go empty.

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