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[SFRails/ Ruby] Rails Performance Optimization, Bundler, + Internationalization

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6:30 Networking | Food | Drink

7:00 Sharing of Tips and Tools

7:15 Speakers

Talk 1: Rails Performance Optimization

Learn advanced Rails performance optimization tricks, techniques, and processes from the author of the Ruby Performance Optimization book recently published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

We'll talk about what exactly makes Ruby and Rails slow, and ways to fix it by optimizing memory usage first and CPU usage next. We'll also talk how to make ActiveRecord faster, how to take advantage of your database, and how
recent changes in Ruby itself affect Rails performance.

At the Q/A session after the presentation you'll have a chance to ask your question about Rails performance.


Alexander is the book author, entrepreneur, Y Combinator alum, and a free software developer. He is a co-founder of Acunote, the online project management software. He also contributed to many free software projects, including KDE (KDevelop), Rails, and Ruby.

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Talk 2: “How Does Bundler Work, Anyway?”

We all use Bundler at some point, and most of us use it every day. But what does it do, exactly? Why do we have to use bundle exec? What's the point of checking in the Gemfile.lock? Why can't we just gem install the gems we need? Join me for a walk through the reasons that Bundler exists, and a guide to what actually happens when you use it. Finally, we'll cover some Bundler "pro tips" that can improve your workflow when developing on multiple applications at once.


André thinks Ruby is pretty neat. He leads the Bundler team, co-authored the third edition of The Ruby Way, and founded Ruby Together, the Ruby trade association. At his day job, he provides expert development, architecture, and teaching through Cloud City Development in San Francisco.

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Talk 3: Going Global: How to internationalize a Rails App

Localization is key to providing a great user experience for global customers. The rigorous localization efforts by companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Google yielded compelling results both in terms of growth as well as customer appeal. Luckily Rails comes with great internationalization support which makes it easy to start even for any size of app and stage of business. However, localization does not stop with the pure translation of interfaces and contents, but often has further application design as well as technical marketing implications.

Bio: Fred is a programmer, wannabe entrepreneur and founder of PhraseApp from Hamburg, Germany. While in college Fred helped to build a music streaming platform in Germany. Afterwards he founded a software development company that helped early-stage startups, called Dynport. Localization has become Frederik's passion during his work with internationally expanding startups. He is passionate about continuously improving PhraseApp to help software developers, product managers and translators create better localized software together.

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