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This group is about connecting local divers. We plan monthly happy hours and other activities around the area to get together, share stories, and maybe you'll find some dive buddies! Local diving trips to Monterey as well as some more exotic locations will be posted as meetups and I'm always happy to take suggestions for other activities you want to see.

We do not charge for meetups (unless there are costs like tickets, etc) but if you use the group and attend events, please consider donating a few dollars using the "Chip In" button on the left side of the page. This goes towards the roughly $150 per year that meetup charges to maintain the page. This is not required but greatly appreciated!

We now have gear with our cool custom logo: go to zazzle.com and search for "SF_scuba_group"

I look forward to seeing you at some of our events!


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Great White Shark Cage Diving | July 2021 | Mexico via San Diego

Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9oyEqtiLg Admit it. It's on your bucket list. As it should be. Spending up close, personal time with great whites is an experience of a lifetime! This 6 day/ 5 night dive trip is for July 27 - Aug 1, 2021, long after the world has re-calibrated itself to support travel once again. Besides, wouldn't it help having something epic to look forward to on the other side of this all? Yeah, I think so, too. This travel date was chosen for a special reason. Why? There is 125+ FOOT VISIBILITY(!!) during that particular window. It's the very front of peak season and an opportunity to see the 350 identified great white sharks that live in the Guadalupe Bay. Oh, snap! I'm not exactly organizing the trip, per se, but am hosting it on behalf of the group. I already booked, and the boat is wide open (though starting to fill up on the nearby dates). I'd much prefer it fill up with warm, friendly faces from our badass SF Scuba Meetup than a bunch of random knuckleheads. We'll create our own dive vibe together. So while you'd be responsible for booking your own spot on the trip, it provides the opportunity to plan ahead with the others in our community, and to help identify a roommate if you'll be traveling solo. I recently went diving in Socorro aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie, and was SUPER impressed with them and their dive operation. While it might not the most baller liveaboard I've ever been on, the service and experience was so outstanding that it truly felt like it, and I didn't hesitate to book another trip with them immediately. Like, the day after I got home. So. You probably already know that these trips aren't cheap. Prices range from $2895 to $4295 per person, double occupancy, depending on how you roll. The cost includes all of your meals (4 x per day!), daily cage diving, comfortable accommodation, as well as your transfers from/to San Diego. Yep! It leaves right from California, so you don't even have to fly internationally! And I'll tell you what-- I once flew all the way to South Africa for great whites, and the water was COLD AF. I fully expect this trip will be a thousand times better. And did I mention there's a hot tub on board our yacht? OMG. SO good at the end of the dive day! Please note: Nautilus has a few different vessels, so you'll want to make sure to select the Belle Amie, which is the best boat in their entire fleet, in my opinion. This is the general info page and itinerary: https://nautilusliveaboards.com/guadalupe-island-shark-cage-diving/ Photos and specs of the Belle Amie: https://nautilusliveaboards.com/nautilus-belle-amie/ Here is a link to the exact trip (July 27 - Aug 1, 2021): https://nautilusliveaboards.com/go/schedule/trip/3003853 Again, I'm not collecting your money, simply "hosting" the event and helping our community connect. You'll manage your own booking. However, I will mention that for every 7 paid people in a booking group, the 8th person is free. So if ya'll want to organize a cohort where one person handles the booking, have at it! If the saved amount is evenly split, it can knock $350 off of each group member's price, and the 'booking manager" keeps all of the credit card/ mileage points for their trouble. There are 30 spots currently available (as of 5/1/20), with the opportunity to organize up to 3 groups. Trip Advisor reviews about this trip: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g150769-d983378-Reviews-Guadalupe_Island-Baja_California.html#REVIEWS Recent Scuba Diver Life article about this trip: https://scubadiverlife.com/diving-great-whites-guadalupe/ And there you have it, Divers! Who's interested??? LL PS-- Here's a video I made while aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie (Dec'19) diving Socorro: https://vimeo.com/381925092

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