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This group is for anyone with a fondness for web technologies. We will not be limiting ourselves to one such topic. Instead the idea is to cover any and all things web. Ranging from the usual suspects(HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but we'll also dive into other topics like programming languages like PHP, Ruby, C# and server technologies.

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The April meeting will offer something for both sides of the brain. This will be the first time we present in a dual format. We will all meet in the Cox Health room for food, drinks and announcements and then one of the sessions will split off into another room. Attendees will choose one of the two sessions to attend. The sessions are as follows: UX: Everyone Has a Preference - Presented by Melisa Hamilton Description: Sure, we all have preferences. We know our preferred coding languages, web browsers, keyboards, etc, but how do we use that to help us understand our end users? Come explore the ins and outs of User Experience (UX), and how to easily include these ideas in your next project. Pesky n + 1 Queries and how to fix them - Presented by Fred Lawler Description: (Fred is a good man... and thorough) Interacting with a database can be a frustrating experience for developers that are unfamiliar with the concepts involved. Most notably, query writing may be simplified via the use of Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools or other tooling to abstract the nitty-gritties away from the developer. Without a fundamental understanding of how Structured Query Language (SQL) interfaces with databases behind the scenes, developers are prone to inevitably write the dreaded n + 1 query. We've all written them whether we knew it or not. n + 1 queries are notorious for being a main cause of poor performance within an application, and at the same time, are not super trivial to fix or notice through the lenses of code abstractions. This topic is a exploration into what common problems and solutions lead to developers writing n + 1 queries, how to detect them, and how to fix them. We'll be looking into embedded SQL solutions as well as ORM solutions for the MySQL Database Management System (DBMS). Code will be presented using .NET Core C#, and the Entity Framework ORM; however, the concepts transcend language and DBMS boundaries. Code, slides, and toy-database dump can be found at: https://github.com/fredlawl/n-plusone-query-presentation Intended Audience The intended audience is for those who are interested in a cheap and effective way to improve application performance through minimizing the amount of read-only queries performed on larger data-sets. The audience should be familiar with using a database for SELECT operations. Previous knowledge of the n + 1 query problem is not mandatory. Those who are familiar with the problem may benefit from spotting techniques, and the solutions to solve this problem. Pizza will be provided. And maybe some booze, but still BYOB too :) Social + Food - 6:00 - 6:30 Topic Presentation - 6:30 - 7:30 Post-Meetup Hangout - 7:30 - Whenever Join the SGF Web Devs Slack (http://sgfwebdevs.com/slack) Interested in presenting? Submit your idea! (https://sgfwebdevs.typeform.com/to/FK7JeJ)

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