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This group is for anyone with a fondness for software development. We will not be limiting ourselves to one such topic. Instead the idea is to cover any and all things dev. Ranging from the usual suspects (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but we'll also dive into other topics like programming languages like PHP, Ruby, C# and server technologies.

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Dev Night (Online) - Realtime Applications, Certificates 101, and Adobe XD News

******************* Dev Night - FREE event (ONLINE) NOTICE: Due to the Coronavirus, we will be hosting the June meeting online. Dev night will kick off for everyone in the main Zoom LINK PENDING ******************* ************************************** Springfield Devs Build and Deploy a Realtime Application Presented by: Myke Bates ************************************** Ever wonder what kind of magic is behind the concepts of web chat systems, live dashboards, social feeds, shared document editing, etc? These concepts are generally referred to as "realtime" features. There are many different protocols one could use to build a realtime application. In this demonstration we will use a service called PubNub which will significantly simplify the process. We'll start from scratch and build a simple application that showcases the concepts necessary to build a realtime app. Along the way we'll cover a few other topics like rapid application development, class-less CSS, free static site hosting options, and some other fun things :) ************************************** Springfield Amazon Web Services (SGF AWS) User Group Certificates 101, ACM vs Let's Encrypt, Certbot on EC2 w/ Route 53 Presented by: Jason Klein ************************************** See presentation details at https://www.meetup.com/sgfaws/events/270610505/ Secure Certificates. Every online project relies on them. No one seems to understand how they work. Almost no one likes working with them! Join us to learn more about Secure Certificates, including a brief history of SSL/TLS, manually inspecting certificate files, converting certificate file formats, automatic provisioning certificates, configuring and testing certificate-related settings, troubleshooting certificates on HTTPS and other servers, managing certificate expiration dates, and choosing between paid certificates vs the free certificates from AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) or Let's Encrypt. Demo #1 - Run free online Secure Certificate tests and discuss the results of each, including how to resolve common security problems shown in the test results. Demo #2 - Setup an ACM certificate for use with several AWS services. We'll walk through and discuss the setup options and when you might want to enable the expensive $$$ options. (hint: almost never) Demo #3 - Setup a Let's Encrypt (certbot) certificate on a public-facing EC2 server with a public IP address, using HTTP validation. Test and tune the server configuration. Demo #4 - Setup a Let's Encrypt (certbot) certificate on an internal EC2 server with a private IP address, using DNS validation (Route 53). Thanks to DNS validation, your server NEVER has to be public facing! ************************************** Frontend Design What’s New with Adobe XD Presented by: Tim Franklin ************************************** Description coming soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda 6:30pm Community Announcements and general fumbling around with remote tools 6:45pm Breakout into session rooms ~7:00pm Presentations start 8:15pm Q&A Join the Springfield Devs Slack https://sgf.dev/slack Interested in presenting? Submit your idea! https://sgfwebdevs.typeform.com/to/FK7JeJ

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